Agatha ParaNorman
Agatha Prenderghast
Background information
Feature films ParaNorman
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Jodelle Micah Ferland
Performance model
Character information
Other names Aggie
Personality Vengeful, destructive, temperamental (formerly)
sweet, kind
Appearance Human: brown hair and eyebrows, blue eyes, pail skin, dark grey dress, red shoes
Ghost: Yellow skin and dress, lightning hair
Occupation Witch of Blithe Hollow
Affiliations Neutral, later Bad, after that reformed and Good
Goal Punish the seven Puritans who convicted her
Home Blithe Hollow
Friends Norman Babcock
Enemies Judge Hopkins, puritans
Likes Her mother, bedtime stories
Dislikes Witchcraft, being reminded of her past, the Judge
Powers and abilities Talking to the dead, lightning, raising the dead
Fate Passes onto the afterlife
Typical Saying "I don't want to go to sleep, and you can't make me."

Agatha "Aggie" Prenderghast is the main antagonist of ParaNorman. She is voiced by Jodelle Ferland.


Agatha Prenderghast lived in the small town of Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts, and had the ability to speak the the dead. Her ability caused the other townsfolk to believe she was practicing witchcraft, and she grew more distant from the village. Eventually, the town decided to arrest her and put her on trial for witchcraft. Her mother was reading fairy tales to her in the forest when she was captured, put on trial, and found guilty. She was later hanged and buried in the forest, in the same place she last saw her mother. Her angry ghost, however, cursed her main accusers, including Judge Hopkins, for them to die a gruesome death and rise from their grave as the living dead. In death, the seven Puritans realized their mistakes, but Agatha was overwhelmed by anger and hatred. Her curse became famous in Blithe Hollow, but the story was twisted and she was made to look like she was an evil witch, which made her ghost more furious with each passing year. To keep the curse from coming, other members of her family who could speak to the dead would her the book to her grave, which would calm her down.

Role in the filmEdit

Norman Babock, a boy who came speak to the dead, is told by the ghost of Mr. Prenderghast to read the book at Agatha's grave to stop the curse. Norman, unaware that the witch was a child as well as where she is buried, reads the book at the graves of the seven Puritans who hanged, but he is interrupted by the school bully Alvin. The sun sets and Agatha's ghost raises the seven Puritans form the grave as zombies. The zombies try to tell Norman that he must stop the curse, but Norman and Alvin run away and are picked up by Norman's sister Courtney, his friend Neil Downe, and Neil's brother Mitch. As Agatha's ghost descends over the town, the zombies enter the town and are attacked by the citizens.

As Norman tries to find out where Agatha is buried, he searched tries to find her records in the Town Hall where she was put on trial. The zombies escape and enter the Town Hall as well, but an angry mob comes and starts to burn it down. Norman is to the top of the Town Hall and sees Agatha ghost over the Town Hall and tries to sedate her by reading the book, but her ghost electrocutes him with lightning and destroys the book, knocking him unconcious. While unconcious, Norman has a dream of Agatha being put on trial and being found guilty. Norman is horrified by this and admonishes the zombies for what they did. The zombies reveal they wanted him to read the book to her, but Norman realizes that the curse never goes away and nothing gets better, so he decides to end the curse permanently and talk to Agatha's ghost.

The mob initially believe Norman is behind the curse and try to burn him, but he is defended by Courtney, Alvin, Neil, and Mitch, and they are convinced that the zombies are not here to attack. Agatha's ghost, furious that the mob has stopped attacking, starts to destroy the town. During the chaos, Norman's family is directed to Agatha's grave by Judge Hopkins. As they enter to forest, Norman is separated from his family by Agatha's magic, forcing him to face her alone. Norman confronts Agatha and they cross into the spirit dimension, where she attacks him. Norman, however, holds his ground and tells her that there must have been someone who cared for her. This causes Agatha to recall times with her mother and calm down. Norman persuades her to stop, telling her he doesn't think she is a witch. Having found someone who understands her, Agatha is able to move on to the afterlife, along with the Puritans, ending the curse forever.


In terms of appearance, Agatha resembled Norman very much. She had blackish-brown hair, pale skin, and pale blue eyes and thick eyebrows. She wore a grey dress and red shoes. Her ghost form looked very similar to her human form, but was lightning yellow in color and her hair was lightning. As a ghost, her irises were white and her pupils were golden brown. When her ghost got mad, her face would occasionally distort into a witch face and at times, a second, identical head would appear.


  • Agatha is widely sympathized with by fans due to her past.
  • Though her ghost had remained for 300 years, Agatha is the youngest Laika villain, being eleven years old at the time of her death.
  • Agatha's ghost form is bright yellow, in contrast to the other ghosts, who are green.