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Mr O'hare lorax
Aloysius O'Hare
Background information
Feature films The Lorax
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Rob Riggle
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Cunning, conniving, evil, short-tempered, greedy, selfish
Appearance Short, slightly obese man with black hair wearing a gray suit, a blue shirt
Occupation Mayor of Thneedville (formerly)
Affiliations Bad
Goal To destroy the Truffula Seed (failed)
Home Thneedville (formerly)
Friends None
Enemies Ted Wiggins, Audrey
Minions Morty and Gork, all the O' Hare air workers.
Likes Money, selling O'Hare Air to people
Dislikes Trees, anyone who goes against the plastic nature of Thneedville.
Powers and abilities
Weapons Bodyguards.
Fate Gets kicked out of Thneedville by his former bodyguards on a jet rocket
Typical Saying "You've got a beautiful town here, Ted! I can't think of any reason you'd ever wanna go outside of town again."

Aloysius O'Hare is the main antagonist of the 2012 adaptation of The Lorax. He is the ruthless (former) mayor of Thneedville who took over the Once-ler's Thneed buisness after all the trees died, eventually coming up with an idea to supply fresh air to citizens and becoming a 'zillionare' and becomes Ted's arch-nemesis after questioning him about why he'd want to leave Thneedville. He hates trees because he thinks they are a threat to his air business, which is overall what Thneedville depends on so they don't die.

After the truth is revealed that outside Thneedville it is a gloomy world, Ted tells the citizens to let the seed grow, but O'Hare realises he has no choice and he sings about letting trees die which angers the people (who want to let it grow) ,he gets ganged up on by his own citizens and, eventually kicked out of Thneedville by his bodyguards, Monty and Gork on a jet engine, never to be seen again.

He was voiced by Rob Riggle.