Angelica Pickles
Background information
Feature films The Rugrats Movie
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Rugrats Go Wild
Television programs Rugrats
All Grown Up!
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Cheryl Chase
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Bossy, beautiful, cute, selfish, mean, manipulative, a bully, kind and caring (rarely)
Appearance Slender, shoulder-length blonde hair tied in two pigtails with purple bows, fair skin, red and black striped long-sleeved blouse with flared cuffs, purple sleeveless knee-length jumper dress, blue and green polka-dotted tights, diapers (season 1), panties (season 2 onwards), orange ankle-high socks, purple and white sneakers
Affiliations Neutral
Goal To get whatever she wants
Friends Tommy Pickles (sometimes), Dil Pickles (sometimes), Spike (sometimes), Chuckie Finster (sometimes), Kimi Finster (sometimes), Phil DeVille (sometimes), Lil DeVille (sometimes), Susie Carmichael (sometimes), Timmy McNulty (sometimes, second Love Interest), Dean (first Love Interest), Cynthia, Fluffy (pet)
Enemies Tommy Pickles (sometimes), Dyl Pickles (sometimes), Chuckie Finster (sometimes), Phil Devile (sometimes), Lil DeVille (sometimes), Susie Carmichael (sometimes), Josh, Coco LaBouche, Jean-Claude, Timmy McNulty (sometimes)
Likes Dolls, Cynthia, cookies, bossing the babies
Dislikes Being punished
Powers and abilities She can manipulate the rugrats into doing her biding as a child. This power seems to weaken as she grows older
Typical Saying "You dumb babies!"

Angelica Charlotte Pickles is the main antagonist/anti-heroine in the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats. She is a vain and spoiled yet nauseatingly adorable and unbearably beautiful 2 1/2-4 year old cousin of Tommy and Dil Pickles. She is the arch-enemy and bully of Tommy Pickles and the other Rugrats, but will usually side with them or do something good for them. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she thinks that being older entitles her to be as cruel as she pleases towards younger children, yet is smart enough to manipulate the adults into thinking she is a lovable character in order to mask her true nature.