Antonio Perez is a minor antagonist in 2013 animated sequel film, Despicable Me 2. He is a suave boy and the son of Eduardo Perez (aka El Macho) and Margo's love interest. He is voiced by Moiśes Arias.

Antonio (Despicable Me)

Biography Edit

Despicable Me 2 Edit

Margo meets Antonio by the wishing fountain at the mall, and she develops a crush on him. Later, Antonio invites Margo to his father, Eduardo, at his restaurant "Salsa y Salsa" for a cookie. Later, Gru found Margo on a date with Antonio, and found out that Antonio is Eduardo's son.

Gru and the girls go to the Cinco-de-Mayo party. Antonio and Margo starts to dance, and Gru tries to stop them, but isn't successful.

After Gru comes back from El Macho's lair, he sees Margo upset after Antonio dumped her for another girl. Gru uses a freeze ray to freeze Antonio in a block of ice, in revenge.

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