Aunt Pristine Figg is the main antagonist of Tom and Jerry: The Movie. She is an evil guardian of Robyn Starling, and she kidnapped her for her father's money. Her henchmen are her scheming lawyer/boyfriend Lickboot, her overweight dog Ferdinand, and the ruthless Dr. Applecheek. She is voiced by Charlotte Rae.


Aunt Figg is an evil, selfish, wicked, greedy, cruel, horrid, abusive and money-hungry woman who wants to keep Robyn for her father Daddy Starling's money.


Aunt Figg is an obese woman with orange hair and white streaks, green eyes and fair skin. She also wears a purple cardigan, a pink shirt, pink round earrings, a purple skirt, a pink bracelet around her wrist, a lavender pantyhose and high-heel shoes. While Figg was delivering Tom and Jerry to Dr. Applecheek, she only wears a purple sun hat. At bedtime, Figg wears a lavender nightgown, a pink robe, and purple slippers. While making a $1,000 reward for Robyn's return, Figg wears a purple button up shirt with black trims on her sleeves, a pink shirt, indigo pants and black high-heel boots.