Ballora fnaf
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location"
Park attractions
Voice Michella Moss
Performance model
Character information
Other names Ballerina
Personality Evil, mischievous, murderous, quick-witted, strategic, dangerous, sadistic, vengeful, smart, wrathful, playful (formerly), kind (formerly), cunning
Appearance Ballerina like animatronic
Occupation Mascot and ballerina (formerly)
Leader of the Sister Location's animatronics
Ennard's head (briefly, before he was destroyed)
Affiliations Good/Neutral (before being broken)

Evil (currently)

Goal To get all animatronics including a possesed Circus Baby into the scooping room, kill the player and release Ennard, then come back to action (all failed)
Home The Funtime Auditorium
Enemies The technician, Circus Baby
Minions Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Bon-Bon, Minireenas
Likes Power, being active, music, murder
Dislikes Her plans being foiled, Circus Baby being "better", humans, the technician
Powers and abilities Able to stalk on the player and kill him
Fate Ballora collapses and looses control over Ennard and the other hidden animatronics. She returns in The Custom Night, and is defeated once again by The Technician.
Typical Saying "Perhaps not", "Go back to sleep"

Ballora is the the one of the two main antagonists (alongside Ennard) of the 2016 video game Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. Her goals are to escape the exhibition, and replace Circus Baby on her shows. She has Funtime Freddy & Funtime Foxy as her two henchmen. For most of the game, she appears as The Technician's main adversary. That changes however when Circus Baby's alternate persona, Ennard, is remastered under her control.

History Edit

She at first appears inside her exhibit, and when the technician comes to view her in the second night, she had gone to reset all animatronics, in order to release the Ennard persona from Circus Baby. As the technician crawls slowly through the Ballora gallery, he must make sure Ballora doesn't get close. She then gives instructions to Funtime Freddy, telling the player to go to sleep, with Bon-Bon as her microphone. As the player crawls back, Ballora is seen trying to trick the player, by questioning if she heard creeping in the room, and making things better by saying "perhaps not". However, a moment later, she can be seen running after the technician. She later sends Funtime Foxy to stop the technician, as she resets the animatronics once again. Circus Baby then reveals the player she is good at pretending, as she tells him about Ballora who isn't as good at the pretending game, but she does it only to kill the player. As the player goes into Circus Baby's exhibit, Ballora tries to stalk the technician. However, she is shot by the player, who is inside Funtime Freddy and controlling him. She then stands still as her Minireenas try kill the technician, and fail to do so. The technician then enters the room where endoskeletons, including the technician and Circus Baby, get scooped by a giant machine. It just hurt the technician a bit, however, it turned all animatronics into Ennard, as Ballora was in control of the head, and Circus Baby was stuck inside as well. Ennard however was defeated, Ballora collapesed, and Circus Baby came back to normal.

Custom NightEdit

In the custom night, she returns as one of the animatronics. She can send her minireenas to destroy the oxygen tank, thus letting her jumpscare, and she can put minireenas on the screen of the game. She can also attack by herself, and enter one of the doors. She then sings a song about her loss, stating that she now dances alone.

Personality Edit

She is mischievous, sneaky and aggressive, and she tries to kill the player and take over Circus Baby's mind just to achieve her own goals. She is mostly dangerous on night 2, when the player has to fight her and her henchmen.

Gallery Edit

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