Big Black
Background information
Feature films Batman (1989)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Unknown
Performance model
Character information
Other names Black Guy
Personality Insane, brutal
Appearance A dark brown man with brown eyes, black sunglasses, and black vest
Goal Kill Batman.
Home Gotham City
Friends The Joker
Enemies Batman
Minions The bad guys
Powers and abilities
Weapons Gun, fists
Fate Gets bonked into a bell and falls to his death.
Typical Saying

Big Black is the quaternary antagonist in Batman. He is the strongest and most brutal of the Joker's men.

Batman (1989) Edit

He tries to kill Batman in the Bell Tower in Gotham City. He brutally hurts Batman, punching him in the stomach and throwing him down the stairs. He easily gets the upper hand as he throws Batman down the tower. Big Black, thinking that he did so, is pushed by Batman into the bell when it is revealed that Batman is still alive. His head gets bonked into the bell, and he falls down the tower to his death.

Trivia Edit

  • His brutal behavior may have originated from him doing drugs, as he was seen trying to kill Batman several times.

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