Big Boss
Background information
Feature films Rio 2
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Miguel Ferrer
Performance model
Character information
Other names Boss
Personality Intelligent, ruthless
Appearance Obese, half bald, black hair, mustache, brown eyes, Panama hat, white suit and boots.
Occupation Logger
Goal Kill Linda and Tulio to make sure his workers and himself are not found by thé authorities and destroy the Amazon and make money off of it.
Likes Lollipops
Dislikes Snake eats him
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets swallowed alive by a enormous boa constrictor
Typical Saying "Perhaps the better question is, what are they doing? Nature freaks. Two million square miles, and they're playing in my backyard? Hmm. I don't think so. As you know, my friends, this logging operation is a little, um, illegal. If those two nuts find those birds, then we're out of business, and that's why you must put an end to their little bird-watching expedition. Find them, and get rid of them. The rest of you. Go cut some trees. Who cares about a bunch of birds?"

"Where do you think you're going? It's just a bunch of pigeons! GET BACK TO WORK!!!"

"I have to do everything myself!"

Big Boss is the main antagoinst in the 2014 feature film, Rio 2. He was the heartless ruler of the loggers who want to tear down the Amazon rain-forest. His main goal was to make money and get rich.

He was voiced by Miguel Ferrer.

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