Mr. Sykes 7
Bill Sykes
Background information
Feature films Oliver & Company
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Robert Loggia
Performance model
Inspiration Bill Sikes
Character information
Other names Mr. Sykes
Personality Evil, cruel, psychopathic, sociopathic, ruthless, Cold blooded, sadistic, sarcastic, cunning, calculating, intilligent, selfish, greedy, egoistic, treacherous, sinister, frightening, manipulative, abusive, vengeful, brutal, arogant, violent, monstrous, furious.
Appearance Muscular, fair skin, gray hair, black eyes
Occupation Shipyard agent
Goal To receive his payment from Fagin
Home New York, U.S.A.
Enemies Fagin, Oliver, Dodger, Jenny Foxworth, Georgette, Tito, Rita, Francis, Einstein
Minions Rosco and Desoto
Likes Money, cigars, his dogs, building models
Dislikes Not being paid, failure, cats
Powers and abilities
Weapons Handgun, axe
Fate Gets run over by a subway train
Typical Saying "I don't think you grasp the severity of the situation."

Bill Sykes is the main antagonist of the Disney film Oliver & Company, though his role is small. He is based on Bill Sikes from Oliver Twist. Bill Sykes is portrayed as a shipyard agent and loan shark. He was voiced by the late Robert Loggia.

Role in the filmEdit

Sykes had, at some point beforehand, loaned some money to a petty thief named Fagin, and orders his pet Doberman, Roscoe and Desoto, to go and find Fagin so he can repay him. However, Fagin has failed to find enough money to repay Sykes, much to his chagrin. Sykes gives Fagin three more days to find enough money to pay him before calling for his dogs to return to him, to which a frightened Fagin to fall off the docks and into the Hudson River.

Some time later, Fagin arrives at Sykes' warehouse to inform him of his plan to ransom Oliver off to his new owner. Sykes, upon finding out that Fagin doesn't have the money, orders his dogs to attack him, but Fagin's dog Dodger defends him. Fagin quickly explains his plan to Sykes, who calls off his dogs and gives Fagin twelve hours to receive the money. However, Sykes also plans to abduct the owner as well.

When Jenny, Oliver's owner, arrives at her destination, Sykes and Fagin realize that she is a young girl. However, Sykes nevertheless abducts her and informs Fagin that their account is closed. Sykes takes Jenny to his warehouse and ties her up, calling Jenny's butler Winston and demanding that he call Jenny's father. When Fagin's dogs arrive at the warehouse, Sykes orders his dogs to investigate before coming to inspect the situation himself. Sykes then finds that his dogs have been trapped under a blanket, much to his chagrin.

Returning to his office, Sykes and the dogs discover Fagin's dogs freeing Jenny. The dogs and Jenny attempt to flee, but Sykes corners them. Before Sykes can do anything else, Fagin arrives on his scooter and the group disembarks. Unwilling to give up, Sykes pursues the group through the city in his car, the chase eventually leading them into an underground subway station. Even as the group flees on the subway tracks, Sykes continues to pursue them, ramming into the scooter with his car, which causes Jenny to fall onto the hood of his car.

As Sykes grabs Jenny, Oliver bites his hand, but Sykes tosses him into the backseat of the car. Dodger follows and he and Oliver fight Sykes' dogs, resulting in both Doberman being killed by falling into the train tracks. Sykes continues to pursue the group and grabs Jenny by the leg, dragging him towards her. However, Oliver and Dodger attack Sykes, causing him to release Jenny, who jumps onto the scooter. As Tito steers the scooter to safety, Sykes tosses Oliver and Dodger off of him, but then notices a subway train heading towards him. Before Sykes can properly respond, the train collides with his car, killing him and sending the car off the train tracks and into the Hudson River below.

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  • As the film is based on the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Sykes is based on the character Bill Sikes.
  • Sykes death is considered one of the most graphic Disney villain deaths.
  • Sykes is considered one of the most realistic and frightening Disney villains.


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