Bolts is the deuteragonist and one of the titular characters. Bolts has a talent for stumbling into trouble; especially one time when he owed a huge debt to Vinnie 2 Chimes because he had lost so many bets to Bolts, who was using the Black Box to win them, and shortly after that, Vinnie demanded all his money back, charging 200% interest. Near the season finale, Blip refused to let Bolts use the powers of the Black Box, which made Bolts storm off. He later gets caught by D-Gor, and after he finds out he is Blood's Bot, he buries his link of friendship with the Thunderbolts completely, and becomes a major antagonist; until Bolts found that he was doing something wrong. He is the only creation of Dr. Blood that has feelings, unlike all the other creations, which are emotionless.

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