Brad is one of two main antagonists in Internet Safety, alongside Gary. Like Gary, he too, is a cyber-creep, and Brad pretends to be a really cute guy, just to make it easier for him to kidnap Dizzie Sparetire.

History Edit

Internet Safety Edit

Chatting Online Edit

In this movie, in the made-up Dizzie Sparetire show, Dizzie does something dumb and dangerous. She logs into a chat-room and meets Brad online, a "really cute guy", but he's actually a cyber-creep. Unfortunately, Dizzie gave out all her personal information, including her location (dangerous, by the way). This make it easier for Brad to kidnap her, but John Walsh comes into her living room and tells her about the dangers of chat-rooms. Walsh then shows Dizzie what Brad really is.

Arrested Edit

At the end of the show, Brad is arrested by John Walsh and two policemen offscreen.

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