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Feature films The Good Dinosaur
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Dave Boat
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Psychotic, smart, ruthless, greedy, evil
Occupation A Velociraptor.
Affiliations Evil
Goal To steal the Longhorns from Butch and his children, also to kill Arlo and Spot. (failed)
Friends His Velociraptors.
Enemies Arlo, Spot, Butch, Nash and Ramsey
Minions His Velociraptor gang.
Powers and abilities Fast speed
Weapons Teeth, claws
Fate Gets scared away after two of his three raptor henchmen are thrown far away by Butch.
Typical Saying "Howdy. What's up to you, boy?"
"And what do we do with trespassers? Tell 'em, Earl."
"Finders keepers!"

Bubbha is the leader of a ruthless gang of Velociraptors in The Good Dinosaur who plan to steal the Longhorn herd from Butch and his children, and is very psychotic.

He is voiced by Dave Boat.

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

Bubbha is an evil thief who will kill anyone in his way, even if it means Arlo and Spot. He is very smart, and can find out how to steal Longhorns in secret. However, Butch found this out. Bubbha is also a selfish jerk who wants to steal the Longhorns, even before they get caught.

History Edit

Background Edit

Stealing the Longhorns Edit

Bubbha and his pack were able to steal the Longhorns without Butch and his children looking.

The Good Dinosaur Edit

Meeting Arlo Edit

After Spot bites Arlo's leg, which caused Arlo to yell, Bubbha and his pack come out of the bushes. Bubbha scares him, and laughs. Shortly after this, the pompous raptor asks him his name, and he says it's Arlo. He then tells Pervis to shut his mouth, and tells his raptor gang to kill Arlo. However, Nash and Ramsey defends Arlo from the raptors (which Butch call rustlers).

Fight with the Rustlers Edit

One of Bubbha's henchmen, Pervis, then jumps on Arlo, but Butch headbutts Pervis into the Longhorns, which scares them into stampeding. As this happens, Pervis fights Nash and Ramsey as the Longhorns are stampeding, but escapes. Meanwhile, Bubbha then pulls Nash down to the ground, but Ramsey headbutts Bubbha, and helps her brother off the ground. However, Bubbha pulls on Nash's back, but Nash shakes him off. Meanwhile, Butch bites Lurleane and Pervis, two of Bubbha's henchmen, and throws them to their demise. Butch and his children then scare Bubbha and his remaining henchman, Earl, for good from the Longhorns.

Trivia Edit

  • He is commonly believed to be the secondary (and minor) antagonist in the film.
  • Like Thunderclap, he, too, has no Official Disney Bio. This is probably because Bubbha is a raptor, as well, as Thunderclap is also a pterosaur.

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