458446 naughty-bear-naughty-bear-pirates-1-
Captain Bearbeard
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games Naughty Bear
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names Captain Bearbeard, The Dread Pirate Bear Beard, Bear Beard
Personality Cheerful, happy, merciful
Appearance Teddy Bear with pirate clothing, one missing leg, a bearde, and a captain hat
Occupation Leader of the pirate bears
Goal To find the treasure
Friends Giggles
Enemies Naughty Bear
Minions Pirate bears
Likes Treasure
Dislikes Naughty Bear
Powers and abilities
Weapons Cutlass
Fate Gets killed by Naughty Bear
Typical Saying

Comfy Bear, later known as Captain Bearbeard, is a villain in the Naughty Bear games. He is the captain of a group of pirates who have come to Perfection Island in search of the fantastic treasure hidden there. The treasure is buried under Naughty Bear's hut, and he assumes Bearbeard will dig up his hut in search for the treasure. He befriended Giggles while looking for the treasure.

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