Carl Hartman
Carl Hartman
Background information
Feature films Texas Chainsaw 3D
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Scott Eastwood
Performance model
Character information
Other names Carl, Deputy Carl Hartman
Occupation Deputy of Newt
Goal Help his father Mayor Hartman kill all members of the Sawyer Family.
Friends Mayor Burt Hartman, Ollie Brown, Officer Marvin Sheriff Hooper (formerly)
Enemies Heather Miller/Edith Sawyer, Leatherface
Powers and abilities Guns
Weapons Gun
Fate Unknown.
Typical Saying "You got it, Dad."

Deputy Carl Hartman is the secondary antagonist of Texas Chainsaw 3D and the son of Mayor Burt Hartman.

He was portrayed by Scott Eastwood.

Biography Edit

He was first seen approaching Heather Miller outside a store, where he is clearly attracted to her, then Heather tells him that she's staying at the Sawyer house, and his father Mayor Burt Hartman overhears this.

He wasn't seen again until Heather gets chased by Leatherface through the carnival.

Deputy Hartman orders Leatherface to freeze and drop his chainsaw, but meanwhile, Leatherface throws his chainsaw at him, and he dodges it just in time, which gives Leatherface time to escape into the woods and back to the Sawyer house.

Deputy Hartman takes Heather to the police station for some questioning with Sheriff Hooper, where he pulls a box labeled "Evidence" and sits it on the table saying there is some crazy stuff in it about the Sawyers, he was then ordered by Hooper to leave and search for Leatherface. 

While at the station, Heather learns of what the townspeople did to her family and flees. Deputy Hartman soon caught her, and tied her up at the long-abandoned Sawyer slaughterhouse to lure Leatherface.

Deputy Hartman was then told by his father to leave and that he and Ollie will handle Heather and Leatherface.

It's unknown what happened to Deputy Hartman afterwards.