However not all villains have died in disgrace, sometimes a villain will die with honor and they may possibly redeem themselves or not. The ways a villain dies with honor are:

  1. A redeeming sacrifice.Darth Vader saves Luke from Darth Sidious.
  2. Died to stop another villain.Newborn Kills Xenomorph Queen
  3. Undo the evil they did. Mor'du dies and accepts his fate .
  4. Committed suicide for honor or feeling remorse. Green Goblin gets killed by his glider.
  5. A cursed, enslaved, or possessed villain that is freed from the corrupted influence before dying. William Afton let himself to be burned alive.
  6. Protecting someone they care about, or the villain getting killed to protect someone he or she loves. Vegeta sacrificed himself in an attempt to protect Bulma and Trunks from Majin Buu.
  7. Accepted their fate and faced death with dignity.Mira laugh happily after being defeated.
  8. Fought with honor.Darth Maul tells Obi Wan that Luke will avenge them.


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