She can dance; she can sing, she's equipped with a built-in helium tank for inflating balloons right her fingertips. She can take song requests, she can even dispense ice cream.
~ Michael Afton explaining Baby's design

Circus Baby (or just Baby for short, formerly Elizabeth Afton) is one of the main characters of the 2016 indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, and main antagonist in its 2017 sequel, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator as Scrap Baby. Baby was the primary mascot of Circus Baby's Pizza World & Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. The soul of Michael Afton's sister, Elizabeth, resides in Circus Baby, and is revealed to possess her in Pizzeria Simulator. She is one of the five animatronics created by William Afton, programmed to kill children through subtle ways. Eliazbeth/Baby can be considered a minor antagonist of the series as Afton's right-hand minion.


Baby is devious and mischievous (as she hides her plan from Michael), yet also very polite and concerned for the well-being of Michael (though this may be simply, so she can gain his trust and keep his body alive to combine Ennard with him). She is also continuously depressed about a past event in which she had killed (or assimilated) Elizabeth unintentionally, though this may be Elizabeth herself attempting to conceal the fact that her soul is possessing Baby.

Even after becoming a part of Ennard, Baby insists sadly that she does not want to hurt Michael (most likely due to Elizabeth and Michael being siblings), and that he won't die from the Scooper, and will instead only be in pain briefly, before permanently becoming a part of Ennard (this suggesting that she will remove his organs with the Scooper), and is very desperate to protect herself and her fellow friends.

However, in the sixth game, Baby is depicted as less sympathetic and inherently malicious, due to Elizabeth's spirit now aspiring to be an insane killer like her father. This is possibly because of Baby’s programming gradually corrupting her soul, before combining as Ennard corrupts her fully. Baby now speaks in a more sinister tone and taunts Michael for not realizing who his employer is.


Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location Edit

While giving William Afton's daughter, Elizabeth, ice cream at a party, Baby's programming forces her to kill Elizabeth and pulls the girl into herself. However, nobody notices the incident because of the children's loud cheering.

Eventually, William Afton, the creator of the Circus Baby's Pizza World animatronics, finds out that Elizabeth is missing and discovers that Baby is responsible, due to his daughter wanting to go near her, despite his constant warnings not to. As a result, William sends his son, Michael, to take a job as a technician at Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental and free his sister.

When Baby sees Michael during the blackout on the second night, she gains his trust by being non-aggressive towards him and guiding him throughout the facility, giving him the advice to avoid the animatronics.

On the third night, she recounts to Michael the story of the day she killed Elizabeth. She later saves Michael after he is knocked unconscious by Funtime Foxy. She hides him inside a decommissioned spring lock suit in the Scooping Room and tells him about the Scooper before instructing him on keeping the suit's spring locks wound up.

Real Ending Edit

On the fifth night, all of the animatronics, including Baby, have been to the Scooping Room and are scooped of all their insides, which form together as the animatronic, Ennard. Baby, who is Denard's primary consciousness, uses her voice to lure Michael, under the impression of still being inside her suit, to the Scooping Room, where she reveals her true nature and scoops Michael. Michael does not flee because he knows that himself being scooped is the only way that Elizabeth can leave the facility.

Ennard later leaves Michael's skin after it decomposes to a purple color and frightens away all people. Elizabeth, as Baby, reanimates Michael's corpse before leaving, allowing him to live on, due to the remnant (a metaphysical substance William created to trap spirits in the animatronics) left inside him.

Fake Ending Edit

In the Fake Ending, if Michael follows Baby's instructions and has finished Baby's minigame, he will enter the Private Room, which is heavily implied to be his father's office, similar to the office in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza from the first game. The player must then survive the night by preventing Ennard from getting into the room. When the night finally ends, Baby, as Ennard, vows it will find a way to escape, which it apparently does and follows Michael home.

During the night in the secret room, it is further implied that Elizabeth's soul has active influence or control on Baby/Ennard.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator (FNAF 6) Edit

Baby, now revealed to be possessed by Elizabeth Afton, returns as one of the two main antagonists of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, alongside Springtrap, who is possessed by her father, William Afton. Sometime after rebuilding herself as Scrap Baby when she was ejected from Ennard's collective, she receives a call (which she assumed was her father calling out to her) to join the other animatronics at the player's pizzeria. She makes her first appearance after the pixelated "troll facade" minigame ends, sitting in front of the player. When Cassette Man begins his audio prompt countdown, she shuts the tape off and finishes counting for him, before her eyes shifted to stare at the player.

She appears again after Wednesday's night shift has ended. Michael is then given the decision to either salvage or discards her. Salvaging her, along with all of the other hostile animatronics, is required to get the good ending. Unlike the previous game, Baby serves as an active threat to Michael. She will either attack from the office vents or while being tested for salvage. On the final night, Scrap Baby taunts Michael by saying they've been fooled by their employer and that she will finally achieve her purpose of creation. However, Baby is cut off by the Cassette Man, who refers to her as Elizabeth, the name of her possessor, and reveals the whole scenario to be a trap. Scrap Baby is then incinerated with her father and the other animatronics within the pizzeria.

Ultimate Custom Night Edit

Scrap Baby returns in the Ultimate Custom Night alongside Circus Baby. She randomly appears inside the office in a slumped position. The player must keep an eye on her while performing their other tasks. If Scrap Baby moves, the player must give her an electric shock to stop her from attacking.

Circus Baby can also be an threat to the player. She will appear at a random time in the Right Hall and the only way to defend against her is to purchase a Circus Baby Plushie from the Prize Corner using Faz-Coins.


“ Did you know that I was on stage once? It wasn't for very long. Only one day. What a wonderful day, though. I was in a small room with balloons and a few tables. No one sat at the tables, though, but children would run in and out. Some were afraid of me, others enjoyed my songs. Music was always coming from somewhere else, down a hall. I would always count the children, I'm not sure why. I was always acutely aware of how many there were in the room with me. Two, then three, then two, then three, then four, then two, then none. They usually played together in groups of two or three. I was covered in glitter. I smelled like birthday cake. There were two, then three, then five, then four. I can do something special. Did you know that? I can make ice cream, although I only did it once. There were four, then three, then two, then one. Something happened when there was one. A little girl, standing by herself. I was no longer myself, and I stopped singing. My stomach opened... and there was ice cream. I couldn't move, at least not until she stepped closer. There was screaming for a moment, but only for a moment. Then other children rushed in again, but they couldn't hear her over the sounds of their own excitement. I still hear her sometimes. Why did that happen? „
~ Baby's Tragic Backstory


  • Arguably, her only villainous actions as a whole are placing Michael inside a suit and trying to make him into Ennard's human disguise, and she only does so out of desperation to freed from Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, even insisting that it will only hurt for a moment.

In Sister Location's minigames

  • Baby is shown to have blue eyes before pulling Elizabeth inside her. However, her eyes are green in the main game. This hinted at her possessing Baby, as Elizabeth's eyes are also green in the minigame. In Sister Location, it was unclear as to whether Baby was possessed by William's daughter, or acted of her own A.I. In Pizzeria Simulator, the Cassette Man refers to Baby as Elizabeth, confirming that she does indeed possess Baby.
  • She is very simliar and Bears a striking resemblance to Harley Quinn.
  • In Sister Location, she plays the role of Phone Guy.
  • Despite being the main antagonist of Pizzeria Simulator, her father is the heavy of the game, and Henry is the Bigger Bad.