Claire McCallister is Thedore Tobey Mccallister's mother, voiced by Dannah Phirman. She seems to be a genius
Claire mccallister
like her son. She invented a homing device and a remote to stop her son's robots. Tobey only unleashes his robots when his mother is away. In the WordGirl short Play Date, Sally Botsford states they work together at the DA office. To arrest her son when she figures out his evil plots, she would pull him by the ear and discreetly ground him.

In Mobot Knows Best, she was copied into a robot for a parent-teacher conference, but this copy of Sally Botsford's co-worker was vanquished by The Amazing Rope Guy, WordGirl, Ms. Davis, and the real Claire McCallister.


  • In the WordGirl shorts[1], Claire has a different voice, and is wearing a red medium-sleeved shirt. Her face is not seen, however.
  • Not once does Claire smile in the whole series.