Dag the Coyote
Background information
Feature films Barnyard
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice David Koechner
Performance model
Character information
Other names Dag, Meaner
Personality Feral, evil, vicious, cruel, cowardly, greedy, violent, sadistic, murderous, hedonistic, bloodthirsty, parsimonious, chaotic, predatory, ruthless, lazy, aggressive, temperamental, brutish
Appearance Lanky red coyote, scarred eye
Occupation Coyote pack leader
Goal Prey on the barnyard animals
Home His den
Enemies Otis, Ben, barnyard animals
Minions Coyotes
Likes Chickens, food
Dislikes Otis's burst of courage, starvation
Powers and abilities
Weapons Teeth and claws
Fate Swung out of the den by Otis
Typical Saying "Meaners got to eat, too."

Dag is the main antagonist of Barnyard. He is the leader of a pack of coyotes that raid the barnyard, specifically the chicken coop. He is voiced by David Koechner.

Role in the filmEdit

During coyote season, Dag led five members of his pack towards the barnyard to raid the chicken coup. Breaking into the coup, he advised the chickens to stay quiet while they robbed them. However, Ben, a cow and the leader of the barnyard, arrived to stop him. Dag commanded his pack members to attack Ben, who proved a formidable opponent. The struggle took them outside of the coup, where the coyotes began to overtake Ben. While he was distracted, Dag bit him in the leg, wounding him, giving him rabies, and allowing the coyotes to maul him. As Dag prepared to raid the chicken coup again, he was grabbed by Ben, who managed to defeat the coyotes. Ben threatened to punch Dag, but instead allowed him and his pack to leave. However, Ben died of rabies shortly afterwards.

With Ben gone, Dag and the coyotes soon returned to the barnyard and began attacking a rabbit. Ben's son, Otis, pursued the pack to avenge Ben's death, but the coyotes outsmarted him. Dag, recognizing Otis as Ben's son, berated him for having not arrived in time to help Ben before offering a deal to Otis, the coyotes would raid the barnyard and Otis would do nothing to stop them, and if he retaliated, the coyotes would slaughter all the barnyard animals. The coyotes then left the barnyard. However, they returned and abducted the chickens without Otis's knowledge.

Upon learning of Dag's double-crossing, Otis travelled to Dag's den just as the coyotes were preparing to kill the chickens. Dag ordered his pack to attack Otis, and he fened them off until Dag bit him on the leg. The coyotes mauled Otis until they were called off by Dag, who mocked Otis for his failure. As the coyotes were about to kill the chickens, Otis got to his feet to continue his standoff. Before Dag and his pack could attack, the other barnyard animals arrived to assist Otis. As Dag hid in a bus, the barnyard animals and the coyotes did battle, but the coyotes were easily defeated. Angered, Dag attempted to attack Otis from behind, but the barnyard animals managed to warn Otis. As Dag pounced, Otis grabbed him and threatened to punch him, but relented and instead demanded that Dag never return to the barnyard. Dag, out of fear, agreed, and was subsequently swung out of the den by Otis.


Dag and his pack were motivated mainly by hunger. However, Dag appeared to have a sadistic streak to him, keeping the feet of his victims to use as keychains, and often mocking and terrorizing his enemies. However, Dag was also cowardly, favoring to attack his enemies while they were distracted, and being quick to submit once at the mercy of his enemies.


  • In real life, coyotes usually hunt alone, unlike Dag, who hunts with his pack.
  • In spite of his evil, Dag notes that he and his pack have to eat to survive, unlike the Indominus Rex, who killed for sport.
  • It is unknown if Dag survived the swing by Otis, but it is possible that he was killed by the fall.


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