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Feature films The Ten Commandments
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Voice Lee Tocker
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Wicked, evil, extremely manipulative
Appearance A short man with blue shorts, golden rings, black hair, blue necklace, blue and yellow coat, blue eyes and sandals
Goal Destroy and kill Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, if Aaron doesn't build the Golden Galf, take the Golden Calf to the Land of Cannan, and turn all the Isrealites against God (all failed)
Powers and abilities
Fate Smashed by the earth coming together while being burnt by holy fire, similar to Kazar's death
Typical Saying "Make us a god, or die on that mountain with your brother, or die down here with your sister."
"Let's all dance, and sing, and give praise to our new god! A god we can all see, face-to-face."(scoffs)"Not like, Moses' private god."
"Wha, are you people crazy? We have a golden god right here! All Moses has is, is a couple of rocks. Rocks! We can find rocks anywhere. He says that those rocks are God's laws! They're Moses's laws! Moses wants to be like Pharaoh! Why does he think, he's better than everybody else!"

Dathan is the true main antagonist in the 2007 computer-animated film, The Ten Commandments. He is a corrupt Israelite who wants to turn all the others against God.

He was voiced by Lee Tocker.

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The Ten Commandments (2007) Edit

First Confrontation w/ Moses and Aaron Edit

Dathan and his henchmen first appear as one of Ramses II's spies. He asks Moses if he is happy now, because now the working is harder. One of his henchmen lie that Egyptians are killing them. Another lies to Moses that all he has done is make everything worse. He then suggests to Moses to go back to the pharaoh (Ramses II) and apologize, and that he made a mistake. Dathan then suggests to Moses that maybe he misunderstood what God said, and that maybe he got it all wrong. He then tells Moses to tell Ramses that he was wrong, and that the Isrealites didn't ask for his help. Then, Dathan tells Moses to apologize immediately. However, Moses walks away and ignores Dathan. Aaron calls Moses twice, but he keeps walking away. Then, Aaron gets mad at Dathan, and asks him if he put his needs above God's will. Dathan then lies to Aaron that God has abandoned the Isrealites. Aaron then gets frustrated, and walks away.

Crossing the Red Sea Edit

Later in the movie, he tells Moses he led the Hebrews into the wilderness to die, and he can't fight the pharaoh. King Ramses II's army comes right into the scene.

The Wilderness Edit

After crossing the Red Sea, he tells Moses again that the Egyptians are going to kill the Isrealites. A few minutes after that, he then complains that he hasn't had any water and that he's dying. Moses strikes a rock with a staff. Water comes out, and Dathan gets soaked.

"Go Ahead" Edit

Later on, Dathan tells the Isrealites to tell what they had not eaten in the wilderness. One of his followers answers meat. A women answers fish, cucumbers, & melons.

Evil Plan Edit

Dathan follows Moses to Mt. Sinai, the place where God first appeared to Moses. After Moses climbs up the mountain, Dathan says that Moses is dead. He then tells Aaron to make a god. Aaron says he can't. Then, he reveals his true, sneaky nature. Again, he tells Aaron to "make us a god, or die on that mountain with your brother! Or die down here with your sister." From this point, Dathan is revealed to be wicked and evil. He tells all of the Isrealites to "break off the golden rings from your wives & your daughters! Bring them to Aaron! Get all that Egyptian gold, yeah, and get the silver too! Their jewelry! That way, Aaron will make us a real god! The Golden Calf! Who needs Moses!?! Come on, bring us the jewelry, all of it!" Aaron makes the Golden Calf, but he also asks God for his forgiveness.

The Golden Calf Edit

The next day, Aaron shows the Golden Calf to everyone. Dathan is happy there is a new "god." Almost all Hebrews show praise to the Golden Calf.

End of the Celebration Edit

Moses comes down the mountain. Dathan still says that he dosen't need Moses. Aaron is happy Moses came back. Moses says to the Isrealites that the LORD brought them out of slavery, led them across the desert, & pardoned the Red Sea. Moses says that God gave the Ten Commandments to them. Every Hebrew who follows the LORD comes toward Moses. Dathan says that the Ten Commandments are Moses's laws and wants to be like King Ramses II.

Death Edit

Moses throws the tablets, breaking them on impact in anger. The cracks come out of the earth, and fire comes out of the cracks. Dathan then tries to run for his life, but everywhere he goes, fire comes out of the cracks. Dathan then sees the Golden Calf, and runs over to it. Many of the Hebrews that are not on God's side fall into the fire. Dathan then climbs onto the false god, but he and his followers (including two princesses) give out a loud scream as they and the Golden Calf fall into the earth, but are smashed by the 1st layer of the earth: the crust.


  • Ramses II is thought to be the villain at first, since he was the pharaoh of the Exodus. However, Dathan is revealed to be the real villain of the film for the following reasons:
    • Dathan wanted Aaron to die on Mount Sinai with Moses or in the desert with his sister, if he doesn't build the Golden Calf for him.
    • Another hint of Dathan being the true main villain is that Dathan only cared about himself and the Golden Calf, but at least Ramses II cared about his son.
    • Also, notice that Ramses believes that he is the only god. Dathan purposely tried to turn the Israelites away from the one true God.
    • In Egypt, in the beginning of the film, there is a golden calf. Dathan isn't even born yet, and no one is worshipping it. However, Dathan wanted his Golden Calf built for his own profit, and in turn, he turned most of the Israelites against God, which Ramses never tried to do.

Quotes Edit

  • "Break off the jewelry from the ears of your wives, and your daughters! Bring them to Aaron! Get all the Egyptian gold, yeah, ya and get the silver too! Their jewelry! That's the way! Aaron will make us a real god! The Golden Calf! Who needs Moses and his invisible god!?! Not me, not you. Come on, come on! Give us the jewelry, all of it!"