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Director Kakuzawa is the main antagonist of Elfen Lied.

He is the head of the Diclonius Research Institute, at 70 years old performing experiments on Diclonius. He is believes he is from a long line of Diclonius ancestry that has been watered down by inter-breeding with humans (However it is only revealed in the manga). As a result, he has no vectors and much smaller horns on his head though h he hides them under a wig. His and his son's goal is to replenish their bloodline with the Diclonii they are experimenting on (of which Lucy is the first to be able to reproduce) and thus gain power as "Kings" of the new race, which would proceede to wipe out humanity and replace it entirely as the world dominate race.

In the manga, he even claims to desire the position of a God of the new, Diclonius-ruled world he envisions. He is also the father of Anna Kakuzawa, professor Kakuzawa and Lucy's Diclonius half-brother. Even after revealing to Lucy all his plots to terminate mankind and to fill the world with Diclonius, he is decapitated by Lucy along with his Diclonius son. She then decides to reveals that he is not a Diclonius after all, and that his horns were the result of an unrelated mutation. In the anime, he is not killed and continues with his plans.


He is a very intelligent and cultured man who will stop at nothing to obtain what he desire. Like most of his family he has a deep hatred for mankind and seeks to replace it with Diclonius race thus making him as he sees it the God of this new world. He was shown to be a vile and cruel man who is capable to commit atrocites without a hint of remorse. Show as he had no problem raping women, using his own children to obtain his goals along with having people murdered. He had no qualm killing people himself as he is shown shooting people.