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Discord ID S4E26
Background information
Feature films
Television programs "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"
Video games
Park attractions
Voice John De Lancie
Performance model
Character information
Other names Spirit of chaos and disharmony
Personality Mischevious, chaotic, cunning, sneaky, charismatic, mysterious
Appearance Tall, skinny snake-like body, a different animal body parts
Occupation Spirit of chaos and disharmony
Affiliations Neutral/Bad, later Good
Goal Spread the chaos over Equestria
Friends Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia
Enemies Twilight Sparkle (formerly), Applejack (formerly), Rainbow Dash (formerly), Rarity (formerly), Fluttershy (formerly), Pinkie Pie (formerly), Princess Celestia (formerly)
Likes Chaos, having fun, doing whatever he wants
Dislikes Twilight Sparkle and her friends (formerly), Princess Celestia (formerly), harmony, making sense
Powers and abilities He can do whatever he wants by snapping his fingers
Weapons His endless power
Fate Turned back into stone (Season 2) and later reformed by Fluttershy (Season 3)
Typical Saying "(laughs evily) Make sense? What fun is there in making sense?"

Discord is the former main antagonist turned supporting protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.

He is the main antagonist in Season 2's two-part premiere, Return of Harmony, the Season 3 episode, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and the secondary antagonist in Season 4's two-part finale, Twilight's Kingdom.

Discord is very mischevious spirit of chaos and disharmony, that has all powers and can do whatever he wants by snapping his fingers, when he gets out of his stone prison, he manages to turn Equestria into a world of chaos. Later on, after he was turned back to stone, in season 3 Princess Celestia wants to reformed him to use his powers for good instead of evil and believes Fluttershy is the one who can do that. After he was reformed, he makes another appearance in season 4 episode Princess Twilight Sparkle. Discord briefly returns to his villainous ways in Twilight's Kingdom, being manipulated and deceived by Lord Tirek, but later fully reforms, vowing to be a better friend to Twilight and the others.

He is voiced by John de Lancie in the original English dub and Shigeru Chiba in the Japanese dub.

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