Dr. Julius No 2
Julius No
Background information
Feature films Dr. No
From Russia with Love (mentioned)
Television programs James Bond Jr.
Video games GoldenEye: Rogue Agent
From Russia with Love (2005) (multiplayer mode)
GoldenEye (2010) (multiplayer mode)
Park attractions
Actor Joseph Wiseman
Voice Julian Holloway
Performance model
Awards 10th place in's Top 10 James Bond Villains
Character information
Other names Dr. No
Personality Manipulative, evil,
Appearance Slim man with short black hair, two robotic black hands, white coat
Occupation Operative of SPECTRE Organisation
Affiliations USSR (in the novel)
SPECTRE (in the movie)
SCUM (in James Bond Jr.)
Goal Get revenge on America and Russia for rejecting him by creating World War and to kill James Bond (all failed)
Home Beijing, China, Asia
Friends Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Enemies James Bond
Minions Professor R. J. Dent, The Three Blind Mice, Annabel Chung, Miss Taro, Jones, Sister Lily, Sister Rose, Chang
Likes None
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities Amplified Strength
Fate Gets boiled alive by radiated water
Typical Saying East? West? Just point of a compass, each as stupid as the other. I am a member of SPECTRE.

Dr. Julius No is the main and eponymous antagonist in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, played by late Joseph Wiseman. He works for the evil organization SPECTRE, who profited off of playing the United States and the USSR against each other.

Early LifeEdit

Julius No was born in China to the daughter of a wealthy Chinese family and a German missionary. Such half-breed status precluded him from many activities, but his skill with numbers gained him the position of accountant for a local Triad, or crime family. He stole a large sum of money from them, which forced Dr. No to leave China. It was about this time that SPECTRE picked him up to work for their espionage department.

Crab KeyEdit

After working on various projects for SPECTRE around the world, Dr. No was sent by his superiors to Crab Key, an island they had bought off Jamaica. Here he was to orchestrate a project using radioactive beams to interfere with US space program in Cape Canaveral, funded with Soviet money. He had a local British official murdered when he got too close to the truth. This caused Britain's MI-6 to send James Bond, agent 007, to investigate.

Clash with BondEdit

Upon Bond's arrival in Jamaica, Dr. No made several attempts to assassinate him. When all of these attempts failed, Dr. No left bond come to him. When Bond finally arrived on Crab Key, Dr. No had him captured and brought to him, where he offered him a position in SPECTRE.

Dr. No's death

Dr. No moments before his death

When Bond wittily refused, No had him locked up in a cell while he went to work on the project's latest phase, to bring one of NASA's gemini rockets. Bond escaped from his cell and tampered with Dr. No's machinery, which began to self destruct. Bond and No ended up fighting over his boiling reactor coolant as his nuclear reactor overheated. He fell into the coolant and was boiled alive, unable to get a firm grip on anything with his slick, metallic hands.


  • Ian Fleming had wanted his friend Noel Coward to portray No, who refused the offer when it was given to him. Fleming also considered his step-cousin Christopher Lee for the role, but by the time he had suggested him to the producers they had already decided to cast Joseph Wiseman as Dr. No. Lee would later go on to star as Francisco Scaramanga, the main antagonist of The Man with the Golden Gun.
  • In fashion typical for the spy parody, Get Smart's Agents 86 and 99 once faced off against a villain called Dr. Yes, as well as a villain called The Claw (Ethnically mispronounced 'The Craw') who had an artificial metallic appendage in place of one of his hands.