The Duke Of Weselton
The Duke of Weselton
Background information
Feature films Frozen
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names The Duke of Weasel Town
Personality Pompous, arrogant, egotistical, overconfident, greedy, prideful, boastful, ambitious, cunning, intelligent, honorable, noble, honest, cowardly, paranoidal, stubborn, pretentious, conniving, protective, kind, wise
Appearance Short, slender, large grey mustache and toupee, round glasses, blue eyes
Occupation Duke of Weselton
Affiliations Neutral
Goal Get rid Arendell from Elsa and bring summer back, exploit Arendell's goods and riches (all failed)
Home Weselton
Friends Erik and Francis (formerly)
Enemies Anna, Elsa, Kai
Minions Erik and Francis
Likes Being rich and wealthy
Dislikes Elsa, His kingdom being pronouced as Weasel Town, Being poor
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets sent back to Weselton because of the decree that Arendelle will do no more trade with Weselton.
Typical Saying "Monster!"

The queen has cursed on this land!"

The Duke of Weselton is the secondary antagonist of the 2013 Disney full length animated future film Frozen. As his title implies, he is the duke and ruler of a neighboring kingdom to Arendelle. He wants to exploit Arendell's goods and riches for his own benefit. However Duke ends up being played by a far greater threat Prince Hans. He was voiced by Alan Tudyk.


Duke of Weselton is very pompous, obnoxious, selfish, paranoidal and greedy man. Though he is portrayed in a humorous manner throughout the film. Though he invited Arendell for the coronation of Queen Elsa, the Duke was far more interested in exploiting Arendell's tradable goods, as he is representative of Weselton, Arendell's former trate partner.

Duke is also extremely interested in Arendell's story, wanting to know why the castle gates were locked for so many years, and why the castle grounds were of limits to outsiders, showing a noisy side of dignitary. The Duke is very greedy, arrogant, hypocritical and boastful man, although he can still feel compassion to others

The Duke's most striking trait is his cowardliness and irrational attitude. Whenever even the slightest oddity occurs he goes into panic, relying on his bodyguard brutes to protect him.

Role In the Film Edit

In the movie he starts up meeting Elsa and Anna, and offers Elsa a dance in order to take the crown, but Elsa says that she doesn't dance, but her sister does, making him dance with Anna. Without Anna feeling, he askes her if she knows the reason why Elsa closed these gates up to now, and that shows he knows Elsa is hiding something you can take advantage of. Anna replies she dosen't know and stops dancing with him, but the Duke says that if she wants another dance, she will get one.

A while after that, Elsa gets angry at Anna for nagging her, as she soon shows her snow powers. For that, the duke whispers to his guards that he knew there was something dubious he could take advantage of, and decides now that Queen Elsa must be killed. Elsa then runs to the outdoors of the castle, but the duke then frightens Elsa by ordering the thugs to stop her. The plan goes even better when she by mistake almost freezes the duke. The duke then says once monster softly while not looking shocked, revealing it is still part of the plan, and then shouts loudly monster in order to chase her away and celebrate victory on his plan. Later, he watches Anna and Hans running after Elsa, while looking quite happy about what is happening. When Anna comes past him he asks her if she has sorcery in her too in order to chase her away. Anna replies that there is no danger in herself or in Elsa and then Hans, contacting the duke at first, says Anna is completley ordinary, caring about her, and to not hurt her feelings says in the best way. The duke says she nearly killed him, in order to make Anna feel guilty and go looking for her. When Anna tells Hans she will go looking for her, Hans suggests to Anna to take him (so that he can kill Elsa), but Anna puts him in charge of Arrendelle. Hans then looks at Anna leaving on her horse, not looking scared, expecting her to get killed as well on the way.

A day later, the duke asks Hans not to waste his tradable goods, while not caring about the citizens. However, Hans angrily says Anna has given him orders to protect Arrendle. The duke then tells Hans that Elsa is a monster. However, Hans dosen't believe it and replies as a warning that he will not even think about handing Arrendle to a traitor.

After that, Anna's horse comes back, making the Duke think that Anna and Elsa are still alive. Hans starts realizing Anna is still alive but in trouble, and that makes him want volunteers. The duke sends his thugs to volunteer with the order to kill Elsa. When Prince Hans goes with all his guards and the two thugs to Elsa's castle in order to ask Elsa if she has seen Anna, the duke’s thugs who came with try to complete the duke's mission. Hans, while fighting Marshmallow, sees the two thugs running into Elsa's castle in order to try and kill her. Hans then comes in after a big fight and sees Elsa is guilty, telling her not to be the monster the citizens fear she is. When the duke's thug, stuck between ice walls, tries to shoot Elsa with a bow and arrow, Hans tries to shoot it up into the chandelier, intending to kill Elsa that way, the arrow hits the crystal lamp at the top of the castle, and the chandelier almost falls onto Elsa, knocking her unconscious. Hans then arrests Elsa while she's still unconscious, and tries to reason with her. When Elsa says she can't stop winter, the duke plotted with Hans.

Later, when Anna came back, the Duke looked at Hans in the eyes. After Hans revealed his true nature towards Anna, the duke prepared the dignitaries for the plan, making them believe the lie about Anna's death. They are convinced that Elsa should be punished, and royal guards went to kill Elsa. He then watches Hans trying to kill Elsa. Later, Anna saves Elsa, and the Duke watches.

At the end of the film, the Duke is considered guilty as he goes back to his own country, Weselton. After he was sent back to Weselton, no money or tradable goods are sent to Weselton by decree of Arrendle.

Trivia Edit

  • Duke's real name is uknown.
  • He is introduced in the film as main antagonist. However, this was simply done to hide Prince Hans' true nature.

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