Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Background information
Feature films From Russia with Love
You Only Live Twice
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diamonds Are Forever
For Your Eyes Only
Never Say Never Again
Television programs
Video games 007 Legends
Park attractions
Actor Anthony Dawson (Uncredited)
Donald Pleasence
Telly Savalas
Charles Gray
Max von Sydow
Christoph Waltz
Voice Eric Pohlman (Voice, uncredited)
John Hollis/Robert Reity
Glenn Wrage
Performance model
Character information
Other names Number One, Willard Whyte, Count Balthazar De Bleuchamp, Franz Oberhauser
Personality Magnificent
Appearance Slender yet obese, Bald head, blue eyes, scar across face
Occupation Supreme Leader, Head and Founder of SPECTRE Organization
Affiliations SPECTRE, Independent
Goal Defeat and kill James Bond and to take over the entire world
Home Gydnia, Poland, Europe (in the Novel), London, England, United Kingdom, Europe (in For Your Eyes Only), Austria, Europe (in Spectre)
Friends Dr. Julius No, Rosa Klebb, Emilio Largo
Enemies James Bond
Minions Emilio Largo, Rosa Klebb, Count Lippe, Kronsteen, Jacques Bouvar, Dr. Julius No, Morzeny, Rhoda, Red Grant, Fiona Volpe, Angelo Palazzi, Mr. Osato, Helga Brandt, Hans, Irma Bunt, Grunther, Felsen, Braun, Josef, Gebruder Gumbold, Ruby Bartlett (formerly)
Likes Petting his cat
Dislikes Bond ruining his plans
Powers and abilities High intelligence
Fate Unknown
Typical Saying Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and as you can see, I am about to inaugurate a little war. In a matter of hours after America and Russia have annihilated each other, we shall see a new power dominating the world.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the most iconic, active, perpetual and influential villain and the main antagonist of the James Bond franchise. He is an evil and knowledgeable mastermind and the archenemy of James Bond. Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the head of the global terrorist organization of SPECTRE with aspirations of global domination. He makes anonymous, cameo appearances in From Russia with love and Thunderball. He appears as the main antagonist in You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds are Forever and Spectre.

Character History in FilmEdit


Blofeld makes his first, anonymous appearance in From Russia with Love, on board his private yacht. His face remains unseen, but his hands and his signature white cat remain visible. There he meets with Rosa Klebb, SPECTRE agent number three, and as well as Number Five, the chess master Kronsteen. He had developed a plan to play the Soviet Union off against the west via the theft on the new Lektor decoding device, which was being kept at the Russian embassy in Constantinople. The plan required an embassy worker to contact one of the western powers with a plan to steal the device. Klebb, who had until recently been a high ranking member of the Soviet agency of SMERSH, was given the task of choosing the Russian, who would believe they were in fact working for SMERSH.

The plan was given a second purpose, revenge on James Bond for killing SPECTRE agent Dr. No. The Russian dupe, Tatiana Romanova, was ordered by Klebb to contact the British secret service and act as if she had fallen in love with Bond from afar, offering to help him steal the Lektor. The plan was to be carried out, and the duo were shadowed by Red Grant, a SPECTRE assassin also selected by Klebb. However, the plan failed and Bond managed to kill Grant and make off with the Lektor. Blofeld then had Kronsteen killed for failing to consider Bond's capabilities.

Largo and NassauEdit

Blofeld makes his second anonymous appearance in Thunderball. He is seen is SPECTRE's Paris's lair, where he watches as Number Two, Emilio Largo, unveils his personal plan. It involved using plastic surgery, murder, and deceit to hijack a Vulcan bomber carrying two nuclear warheads and conceal the plane underwater near Largo's estate in Nassau, the Bahamas. SPECTRE would then threaten to detonate warheads over a major US city if they weren't paid millions of dollars. However, then plan fell apart when Bond and an army of frogmen stopped Largo from launching the warheads and when Largo was killed by his mistress.


Blofeld makes his next appearance in You Only Live Twice. Apparently at his wits' end with failed plots, he decided to operate this one personally. He set up his base in the crater of an extinct volcano on an island in Japan. He used this base to launch a rocket ship which had the ability to capture space capsules. Blofeld's intention was to capture both United States and Soviet capsules, getting the superpowers to blame each other. This was supposed to touch off a nuclear war, and in the ensuing chaos SPECTRE and Blofeld would take control of the world. Bond, having faked his death, was sent to investigate.

bOND managed to infiltrate the volcano lair and tried to get on board the rocket, but a minute error caught Blofeld's attention, and he ordered Bond to be brought to him. At this point, Blofeld reveals his face, name and plans to Bond, whom he intends to kill after he captures one more space capsule. The rocket successfully launched, but the lair was attacked and penetrated by ninjas led by Tiger Tanaka, the head of the Japanese secret service. During the ensuing battle, Blofeld tries to take Bond away to be executed, but is struck by a ninja-star thrown by Tanaka. As Blofeld made his escape, he sets off the self destruct sequence.

Although Blofeld escaped, Bond managed to destroy the rocket remotely before it could capture more astronauts.

Piz GloriaEdit

Blofeld would return as the main antagonist in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, where he had relocated himself to the treacherous Swiss Alps. Receiving plastic surgery as he had in the past to disguise his identity, he sought to have his noble heritage confirmed, so that he would become recognized as a Baron.


Never Say Never AgainEdit

Reboot SeriesEdit