Francisco Scaramanga
Francisco Scaramanga
Background information
Feature films The Man with the Golden Gun
Television programs
Video games GoldenEye (2010) (multiplayer mode)
007 Legends (multiplayer mode)
Park attractions
Actor Christopher Lee
Performance model
Awards 6th place in's Top 10 James Bond Villains
Character information
Other names The Man with the Golden Gun, Pistols, Paco
Personality Eccentric, arrogant, ruthless, ambitious, sadistic
Occupation Freelance assassin
Affiliations KGB, Red China
Goal Aquire the Solex Agigator,
Home Spain, Europe (in the novel), Cuba, Caribbean, North America (in the movie)
Friends Andrea Anders (formerly), his minions
Enemies James Bond, Andrea Anders
Minions Nick Nack, Andrea Anders (formely), Hai Fat, Kra, Lazar, Ling Po
Likes Killing people
Dislikes Unknown
Powers and abilities
Weapons Golden Gun, Laser Cannon
Fate Gets shot by James Bond
Typical Saying "My name is Scaramanga. Francisco Scaramanga. I feel I know you, although I never though we would ever really meet. But it has been a pleasure for me to finally meet you Mr. Bond, thanks to Miss Andreas here.

Francisco Scaramanga is the main antagonist of the James Bond novel and film The Man with the Golden Gun. In the movie he was portrayed by the late Sir Christopher Lee, step-cousin of James bond's creator Ian Fleming,

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