Garlic Jr, Dragonball Z Movie 1 and Garlic Jr SagaMovie 1 was great, but the Garlic Jr saga was no good. So I'm going to reserve most of my commentary here. Instead I think I'll let good ol' Prowling Wolf (of the "Wolf Fang Fist?") take over the descrip and I'll just fill in holes wherever I see fit. As far as I know about this guy, he and his father, Garlic, and are seeking immortality with the help of the Dragonballs. They kidnap Gohan and try to make him their disciple (like sooo many others). Garlic Jr. kind of looks like Emperor Pilaf and talks a lot like him too. But one thing Garlic Jr. achieves that other villain doesn’t is... can I have a drumroll, please?......IMMORTALITY! Ya heard me! He gets to be immortal! That’s deserving of extra brownie points on the Villain-O-Meter. So therefore, he is utterly invicible, right? Wrongo. Goku banishes him to the DeadZone. I guess that’s like purgatory or something. He escapes from the DZ after the Freiza saga and fights Gohan and Piccolo after trapping Kami in a bottle. I like this saga, really. It gives somebody besides Goku a chance to shine. But I feel sorry for Piccolo. It must be horribly annoying to fight someone shorter than your kneecaps. ;) Good bio, let me fill in some info here. Garlic Jr's father was a competitor with Kami for the role of... well... Kami. Basically Kami and Garlic both wanted to possess the title of Guardian of the Earth. Garlic was evil so he was bottled and banished, Kami was pure so he won the toss. Garlic Jr showed up in Movie 1 with the sole desire to achieve immortality and unleash his vengeance on the earth by releasing all of the demons in HIFL (heh... Funimation reference...) to feast on the living or something gross like that. In a rare break in form for this long-living series, the Garlic Jr saga actually made a reference to the movie plotline upon Garlic Jr's arrival on the scene. Usually DB/Z movies exist in an alternate-timeline but in this case they made direct references to it (the only other exception I can think of is the abundance of references and cels shared between the Freeza Saga and the Bardock Special). Anyway, this whole weird story emerges about Garlic Jr escaping the Dead Zone due to celestial alignment, he captures Kami in a bottle, he turns the remaining Z fighters into demons, and Piccolo pretends to fight on the side of evil again (check the Piccolo Pages for a great screengrab of Piccolo faking Garlic Jr's possession). Lots of fighting, lots of henchmen with food-name puns, and an overall mediocre mini-saga.

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