Gnorga is the main antagonist of A Troll in Central Park. She is the queen of the trolls.

She was voiced by Cloris Leachman.


Gnorga is wicked, evil, nasty, unkind, rude, short-tempered, mean-spirited, and has the power to turn living things into stone. She wanted to turn Stanley into stone, too, but her husband Llort would rather banish the good-natured troll to a place "rock and steel" and "nothing grows" which is Central Park in New York City. As Gnorga found out that Stanley's punishment is too soft, she decides to take manners in her own wicked hands to finish Stanley herself.


Gnorga is a short and obese ugly troll who has light green skin, reddish-orange eyes, a frog-like mouth with huge purple lips, purple finger nails, a glowing purple thumb and is bald when not wearing wigs. She wears a purple robe with white fuzzy trims, a lavender dress with a gold button, and lavender fuzzy slippers, but sometimes go barefoot. While in Central Park, Gnorga wears a black and purple dress, a Viking-like bat-winged helmet with blonde braids and sandals.