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Video games Hadrian is the true villain appearing in all of Minecraft: Story Mode, even though he only appears in its 8th episode, A Journey's End?, where he is the main antagonist.
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Voice Jim Cummings
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Personality Hadrian is a cruel and power-hungry corrupt official who loves torturing people. He was extremely manipulative to Jesse and Petra when they first meet him, and regardless whether or not Jesse agreed with Hadrian's deal, Hadrian would send him and his friends to the mines, anyway, while claiming that was the original deal. This is why Jesse did not agree with Hadrian's new deal, revealing that Hadrian is a dirty cheater in front of everyone, trying to stack the deck however he can.
Friends Mevia
Enemies Jesse
Minions Mevia
Likes Tricking Everyone
Dislikes Mevia's Puns
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sword
Fate Defeat by Jesse

Responda and Arrested

Typical Saying "Your wish is my command, buckaroo."

Hadrian is a cruel tyrant who loves torturing people in the Nether, and has no remorse for anybody. Hadrian is also the leader of the Old Builders, a group of architects and constructor workers that existed long before the Order of the Stone was even made, and P.A.M.A.'s boss.

Similar Antagonists Edit

  • The Jabberwocky (2010 Alice in Wonderland remake) - Both are corrupt officials who love watching others be tortured. They are also completely evil with no redeeming qualities, and their signature color is reddish-purple.

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Messing Up the Games Edit

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Making P.A.M.A. his Henchman Edit

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Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 8: A Journey's End? Edit

Stop the Match Edit

Hadrian oversees the Games throughout most of the episode. In the game Spleef, as he sees the new competitors, Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Ivor, he wonders what they are doing, and why they are in the match.

When Petra and Ivor are attacked, Jesse chooses to save Petra because he loves her, and has Lukas save Ivor. However, Lukas and Ivor are smashed in the piston trap, and Jesse tries to stop the gladiators in the game. As he is unintentionally breaking the rules, Hadrian calls to stop the match.

Meeting Jesse and Petra Edit

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Revealing his True Nature Edit

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