Handybuddy is the main antagonist of the Sofia And Lucy episode "The Worst TV Show In History". She owns a TV show called "Handybuddies" and plays violent themes around other hands. Lucy watched an episode were Handybuddy slapped another hand because her cereal was out of stock, she then says she has to eat them instead and a shocked Lucy's face and chewing noises in the background, the episode ended. Lucy then calls the TV network with no help she pretends to be someone's mother making a complaint with still no help. There is a knock at the door and Handybuddy smashes through the door and almost kills Lucy with one of her spells. Lucy stops the spell and shoots Handybuddy to her demise.

About Edit

Name - Handybuddy

Goals - Destroy Television

Likes - Being Evil

Dislikes - Kids, Lucy Walker, Other Hands

Defeat - Gets Shot With A Gun

Handybuddies On TV