You're just a... A Toyman 
-- Bernard Klein src

History Edit

Harold Kripstly was a toy inventor for Dynacord, until he went mad and was fired. Kripstly opened a toy store in Metropolis, while also secretly working on more sinister inventions. Kripstly kidnapped numerous orphans, that he kept in a play area, guarded by his assistant Wendy. Eventually, Kripstly kidnapped Dr. Bernard Klein, as he needed Klein's help to perfect and invention that would allow him to kidnap the children of the Dynacord board members. Ultimately, Kripstly was stopped by Superman.

Paraphernalia Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Weaponized toys

Notes Edit

  • Harold Kripstly was portrayed by Grant Shaud.
  • The character served as replacement for the traditional Toyman (Winslow Schott), whom the show had introduced in the second season and had him turn over a new leaf at the end of the episode.