• Harry Osborn appears as the Green Goblin in 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, played by Dane DeHaan, while Chris Cooper portrays a dying Norman Osborn. Norman Osborn is dying of retroviral hyperplasia and seeks to create a cure with Richard Parker through their scientific research in genetic engineering. He also intended to sell their work in the form of biological weapons. After Richard discovers Norman's intentions, he sabotages the research and flees. Years later, Norman is dying after failing to find a cure. He is reunited with his estranged son Harry. He tells Harry the illness is hereditary and that Harry has reached the age where the effects become apparent. Norman gives Harry a small electronic device which contains his life's work, hoping Harry can succeed. After Norman's death, Harry inherits Oscorp, becoming its CEO at the behest of Vice President Donald Menken. He concludes he needs Spider-Man's blood for the cure to work, but Spider-Man refuses out of fear of the negative effects it could have on him like it did with Dr. Connors. Framed by Menken for covering up Max Dillon's accident, he is forced out of his position as Oscorp CEO and becoming increasingly desperate, he breaks into Ravencroft (where Harry learns from his father's assistant Felicia) that Ravencroft holds people at the orders of Oscorp and experiments on them), releases Electro and forms an alliance with him. With Electro's help, Harry breaks into Oscorp, takes Menken hostage and uses him to access the Special Projects lab. Harry forces Menken to inject a spider venom serum directly into his bloodstream, causing his illness to worsen. He then steals a glider, armor and weapons to confront Spider-Man. After seeing Gwen Stacy alongside him, Harry deduces that Spider-Man is actually Peter. As revenge for allowing him to die, Harry kidnaps Gwen and throws her from a great height into a clock tower. Peter manages to save her, leaving her dangling by a web while him and Harry fight. Peter subdues Harry, but the web securing Gwen breaks and she falls to her death. Harry is later held in Ravencroft Institute and recovering. His associate, Gustav Fiers, asking about forming a team of supervillains visits him. At Harry's suggestion, their first recruit is the recently imprisoned Aleksei Sytsevich.