Background information
Feature films Godzilla vs. Hedorah
Godzilla: Final Wars
Television programs Godzilla Island
Video games Godzilla: Monster of Monsters
War of the Monsters
Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee
Park attractions
Actor Kenpachiro Satsuma
Kazuhiro Yoshida
Performance model
Character information
Other names Smog Monster
Personality Filthy, gross, disgusting
Appearance Giant humanoid sludge creature
Occupation Alien
Goal To eat pollution and kill Godzilla
Friends Ebirah
Enemies Godzilla, Mothra
Likes Pollution
Dislikes Godzilla, electrocution
Powers and abilities Flught, acid, sludge
Weapons Sulfuric acid and sludge, eye beams
Fate Gets destroyed by Godzilla
Typical Saying

Hedorah, also known as the Smog Monster, is an alien that feeds on pollution and is one of Godzilla's most powerful enemies. He first appeared in Godzilla vs. Hedorah, which is also his most famous appearance.


Godzilla vs. HedorahEdit

In the outer regions of space, a microscopic alien lifeform attaches itself to a comet and when it bypasses Earth, the alien falls to the planet. A fisherman named Gohei finds the creature while trying to catch shrimp and assumes it is a new species of shrimp and he gives it to a scientist named Professor Yano to study it. His studying is cut short when a giant creature resembling the smaller alien attacks two ships and sinks them both. Yano investigates the nearby bay to search for the creature while his son Ken waits for him. While Yano is gone, the giant alien attacks Ken, who fights back with a knife. The creature is unaffected by Ken's attacks and instead leaves and attacks Yano, horribly deforming his face. The scientist returns home to nurse his injuries and further studies to smaller alien, and is able to find out that the creature can survive as long as it is moist and is able to feed on pollution. Yano also discovers that the alien, when cut in half, will not only survive, but both halves will grow into a larger creature. Ken speculates that the bigger creature, dubbed Hedorah, was able to grow faster because it fed on more pollution.

The larger Hedorah evolved into a four-legged creature that moved onto land to feed on more pollution. The alien lumbered into the Sagami Bay to feed on smokestacks in the factories. Hedorah attracted the attention of Godzilla, who came to stop the beast. Hedorah attacked Godzilla, whos claws and beams did little damage. During the fight, Hedorah's flesh was clawed off and it crashed into a night club. The flesh gained a life it its own and killed four people in the club and slithered away. The larger Hedorah dove back into the sea and Godzilla gave chase but was unable to capture Hedorah. The smog monster evolved further to combat Godzilla and became a flying monster. Hedorah started to feed on the oil refineries. Godzilla once again attacked Hedorah, but Hedorah was more powerful now and burned Godzilla's hand and injured him. With Godzilla temporarily unconscious, Hedorah went on to cause destruction on Japan and sprayed the city with sulfuric acid. Those within contact with the acid immediately suffocated to death and their face burned to the point that their skull was showing.

Knowing that something must be done, Professor Yano studied the creature further and discovered that f Hedorah was dried out, he would die. The authorities immediately took action upon this discovery and built electrodes that would electrocute Hedorah and kill him. The smaller Hedorah from the night before had joined the larger Hedorah and the beast grew to over sixty meters tall and evolved into a giant humanoid creature. Hedorah arrived at Mt. Fuji and attacked a group of teens but they were saved when a recovered Godzilla came to the rescue. The two monsters fought once again, but Hedorah proved more powerful and severely injured Godzilla with his deadly sludge and eye lasers. Godzilla was brought down and Hedorah reverted to his flying form and dropped Godzilla into a pit. The electrodes were used after Godzilla's defeat and Hedorah was lured to them, but a fuse was blown.Godzilla was able to use his ray to power up the electrodes and Hedorah was electrocuted. He again morphed into his flying form and took flight to escape. It seemed Hedorah would escape and recover, but Godzilla couldn't let this happen and used his ray to fly after Hedorah and knock the alien down. He dragged Hedorah back to the electrodes and dried him out. He ripped Hedorah openned and electrocuted his insides too so that the beast would finally die. It worked, and Hedorah was defeated for good.

Trivia Edit

He share similarities with Hexxus:

Both Hate certain Races(Humans and Fairies)

Both Use Elements(Water and Fire)

Both are Polluters

Both are Presumed Deceased

Both use Toxic.

Hedorah's Theme: