Henry J. Waternoose III
Henry J. Waternoose III
Background information
Feature films Monsters, Inc.
Monsters University
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice James Coburn (Monsters, Inc.)
Unknown (video games)
Performance model
Character information
Other names Mr. Waternoose, Waternoose, Sir (by Sulley and Mike)
Personality Gentle (formerly), kind (formerly), evil, mean, greedy, horrible, satan-like
Appearance Obese, gray skin, five eyes, crab-like legs
Occupation CEO of Monsters, Inc. (formerly)
Affiliations Neutral (in Monsters University) later Bad (since Sulley's banishment in Monsters, Inc)
Goal Produce power to Monstropolis, later to kill as many human children as he can
Home Monstropolis
Friends James P. Sullivan (fake ally), Mike Wazowski (fake ally), Randall Boggs (probably-former), Jeff Fungus (formerly)
Enemies James P. Sullivan, Mike Wazowski, Boo, Randall Boggs (probably), Jeff Fungus
Minions James P. Sullivan (formerly), Mike Wazowski (formerly), Randall Boggs (probably-former), Fungus
Likes Scream power, getting what he wants, follow in Randall's plans
Dislikes Children, getting arrested, arguing with Randall
Powers and abilities
Weapons His strong legs were weapons against Sulley
Fate Arrested by the CDA (Monsters, Inc.)
Welcomes Sulley and Mike to Monsters, Inc. through a photo (Monsters University)
Typical Saying "Get up! There can't be any witnesses!"
"Give me the child!"

Henry J. Waternoose III, more commonly known as Mr. Waternoose or simply Waternoose, is the hidden main antagonist of Monsters, Inc., hidden behind Randall Boggs, and a minor-cameo-character in Monsters University.


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Roles in Monsters Inc.

In the first film, Mr. Waternoose is the CEO of Monsters, Inc. He is one of three owners, all cast down from He is first shown at the very beginning of the film, warning Thaddeus Bile and the trainees about the dangers of a human child after Thaddeus has unsuccessfully attempted to frighten a simulation child in bed.lineage. He inherited the factory from his father when he was 142 years old, and turned it into the modern energy factory that appears at the beginning at the movie.

On the day when the monsters are working to collect scream energy from the human children all over the world, Mr. Waternoose is notified that 58 doors have been lost in the week, to which Mr. Waternoose remarks how kids are growing less scared of monsters. Sulley, being the company's biggest "producer" and Mr. Waternoose's most useful worker, is asked to come down to the scare training room and show the new employees how scaring should be done. Waternoose then hires Randall and Fungus secretly to steal Sulley's power and puting it into a machine they must build called the scream extractor. Later, Sulley, Mike and Boo hear Randall and Fungus talking about the plot, but they don't know Mr. Waternoose is behind it and infact incharge. In the middle of the movie, Sulley makes a roar and it's revealed to Waternoose that Boo is the kid they are looking for. Mike told him about his own plot and Waternoose asked "how could this happen?". However, when he asked that question he didn't mean how could Randall make a scream extractor, he ment "how could Mike, Sulley and Boo have found out". Waternoose then revealed he told Randall and Fungus to build that machine and that all he wants is Boo. then he throwed Sulley and Mike out to the Himalayas so he could capture Boo with no problems on his way. After Sulley came back to the factory, Waternoose blamed Randall for banishing the one who was also a Waternoose henchman for making power for the scream extractor. Randall got angry but continued the plan. However, Sulley rescued Boo, showing Waternoose it's impossible to make him a henchman. he ordered his two true henchmen (Randall and Fungus) to kill Boo, Mike and Sulley. Waternoose also told Randall not to make anyone else a witness (once he made Mike a witness). After Randall's banishment, Waternoose, infront of the CDA, blamed Sulley and Mike for being the crimminals who are responsible for the whole mess. Mike threw on a CDA soldier a sock-like item called 2,319 and ran away, later telling the CDA about Waternoos's plot.

Waternoose chased Sulley and inside a room stoped and revealed his true nature. he clued that he was the boss of the whole plot and that his plans are to kill 1,000 children and who ever stands in his way. that revealed that he was the crimminal who started the whole mess and after Mike showed a video he captured, the CDA arrested Waternoose forever.


  • Waternoose is an ally in the video game "Monsters Inc: Scare Island".
  • Waternoose is also similar to Ian Hawke: Both are Child-Abusers, both want to make alot of money both are greedy and both become Villains with the child's guardian and both start off as good guys but then they become the bad guys.