Hildy and Grimwold "Grim" Gloom are the two main antagonists of the Disney XD series: The 7D. They are husband and wife, and they want to take over Jollywood. Hildy is voiced by Kelly Osbourne, and Grim is voiced by Jess Harnell.


Hildy is spoiled, greedy, bratty, hateful, wicked, jealous, childish, evil, cold-hearted and demanding. She is also affectionate towards her husband Grim. She also appears to be the brains of the wicked duo, and then comes up with evil plans to take over Jollywood. Grim is foolish, goofy, silly, happy, dumb, unorganized, cowardly, and he is afraid of spiders and ladybugs. He appears to lack intelligence and his magical abilities. Hildy gets mad at Grim for messing things up, but deep down, Hildy loves her husband.


Hildy is a slender teenage witch with short pink-purple hair, pale lavender skin, and a mole on her left cheek. She also wears a purple sleeveless shirt, purple eyeshadow, blue lipstick, a purple and indigo skirt that matches her leggings and purple boots.

Grim is a tall and slender teenage warlock with blue hair with a white lightning bolt on it, pale lavender skin, lavender eyelids, and a mole on his right cheek. And he wears a gray trenchcoat with green and blue stars and a blue moon on the bottom, a purple collar shirt, a blue tie, a black belt, black pants and purple shoes.