Jabba SWSB

Jabba the Hutt is a gangster and antagonist from the Star Wars Universe.



Jabba was extremely arrogant and disgusting. He had a cocky attitude and would never accept defeat. Like most Hutts, he was a megalomaniac who lived to control others. He was also sonewhat perverted, as he possessed a strong lust for female humanoids, even if they had previously caused him setbacks. Despite him being arrogant and somewhat evil, he still cares greatly for his son Rotta, calling him pet names such as Punky Muffin.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jabba was a large green slug-like alien called a Hutt with some beige coloring on his face, belly, and underside. He also had a large mouth without teeth and tongue and a Tattoo on his left arm.


The Phantom MenaceEdit

Jabba is only seen briefly in this episode. He presides over the Boonta Eve Podrace, and spits a gorg (alien frog) at a gong in order to begin the race. He eventually falls asleep, but is awakened by his majordomo, Bib Fortuna.

Return of the JediEdit

Luke springs a rescue mission for Han Solo, who has been delivered to Jabba. When Jabba refuses to turn over Han, he throws a party and slaughters Oola, his dancing girl, in the mix. Later, he imprisons Chewbacca and later Han, who has just been freed by Leia. When Luke intervenes, he throws Luke into the rancor pit. When this fails, Jabba becomes furious and has the Rebels taken to the Great Pit of Carkoon. There, he is eventually strangled by Leia with the very chain that ironically enslaved her. His corpse is obliterated in the explosion of his sail barge.