Jonny McHale
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Criminal Minds
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Francisco Muniz
Performance model
Character information
Other names Jon
Mr. McHale
True Night
Personality Angry
Appearance Caucasian
Occupation Comic book writer
Violently murderous vigilante (later)
Goal Murder Glen Hill and his gang to avenge Vickie's murder (succeeded with Glen, but it's unknown if he succeeded with his gang)
Home Los Angeles
Friends Vickie Wright (deceased)
Bobby Kim (former)
His fans (presumably former)
His unborn child (deceased)
Enemies Glen Hill
The 23rd Street Killers (TSK)
Powers and abilities Great Swordsman Skills
High Strength
Tremendous Durability
Murder Skills
Weapons Twin Scimitar
Fate Institutionalized
Typical Saying "You're not gonna want to miss this."

Jonny "Jon" McHale is a serial killer, spree killer, mass murderer, abductor, and vigilante on the American police procedural crime drama Criminal Minds. He appears in the Season Three episode True Night.

Biography Edit

Little is known about Jonny's early life other than he was born sometime in 1983. He also at some point in his life met a woman named Vickie Wright, who became his girlfriend. He also impregnated her at some point, though only she was aware of this. Jonny also became an acclaimed comic book writer, his most famous piece being Blue, a story about an Android girl attending a futuristic High School. In May of 2007, Vickie and Jonny went out for Chips because Vickie was hungry. On their way back, Vickie finally announced her pregnancy to Jonny, who joyfully proposed to her. As she said yes, the couple were ambushed by a man named Glen Hill, the leader of a street gang known as the 23rd Street Killers (or TSK). The gang had overheard them earlier.

Jonny tried to barter with them, but was mocked and rejected. They then forced him to watch as Vickie was raped and tortured to death before being sliced open and left to die in anguish and agony by the TSK. Jonny was found and miraculously saved in time. Though he survived the gang, Jonny was left immensely and psychologically scarred by the attack. Jonny's psyche began to quickly devolve as his life crumbled before him. Finally, half a year after Vickie's death, Jonny finally snapped and began a serial killing rampage in his home city. Jonny would wander the back allies of the city in search of TSK members and would brutally slaughter any he found with swords. He butchered five members in less than fourteen days.

The BAU is called to Los Angeles to investigate Jonny's murders. Jonny, a day after slaughtering two more TSK members, receives a visit from his agent Bobby Kim (who lost contact with each other for two months). Bobby is both amazed and unsettled by Jonny's new series True Night, apparently revolving around a vigilante who slays werewolf-like monsters (which is actually a representation of Jonny, True Night, slaying the beasts, actually TSK members). Bobby is eventually able to convince a stubborn Jonny to come to a local store for a comic book signing by his fans. On their way, they pass by Jonny's latest massacre (but Jonny doesn't notice due to headaches). They arrive and Jonny has a psychotic episode due to the flashing lights of the cameras. He runs out and calls Vickie's cell phone and receives her voice mail (something he does frequently, and he also acts as thought the attack never happened). Jonny gets hit by a car while running through the street and attacks the driver, nearly strangling the man to death while his wife looks on in horror.

Jonny ends up returning to the scene of his last murder and encounters David Rossi, who points out his injured leg (that Jonny apparently hadn't felt and had already forgotten). Bobby appears and they leave. Jonny continues to act as though Vickie is alive and complains that she hasn't been answering him lately. Bobby continuously asks about Jonny's well-being, which only irritates him and he fires Bobby before forcing out of his apartment. He calls Vickie again and destroys his room in a rage (even throwing a dumbbell at a TV showing a news show with a host resembling Vickie) before sitting in a corner and breaking down into tears. Jonny goes out again that night and attacks Glen Hill's home, brutally slaying six TSK members before abducting Glen and leaving with him through the back door. He takes him to a secluded location and tortures him with dismemberment before finally beheading him. He also repeats the last thing Glen told him before killing Vickie: "You're not gonna want to miss this".

Jonny also leaves his sweatshirt and swords at the grisly scene. Jonny draws the massacre in his comics before hearing Vickie's voice calling for help inside Helen Trestle (one of his neighbors)'s apartment. He breaks into her apartment demanding to know where Vickie is. He returns to his room and is arrested by a squad of SWAT agents. Jonny sees the store owner, Bobby, Jasper (the man he strangled earlier), and his fans there, all looking on in shock at the damaged monster Jonny has become. After a long interrogation, Jonny finally breaks, having remembered everything now. He breaks down and attempts to escape but is restrained. He also reveals where he hid Glen Hill's dismembered corpse. Jonny is placed in a mental institution afterwards.



  • Jonny is considered to be one of the more sympathetic and tragic killers in the show.