Background information
Feature films The Wild
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice William Shatner
Performance model
Inspiration Mola Ram, Kin Jung Sung, Kim Jung Ill, Kim Jung Un
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, selfish, convincing, manipulating
Appearance A slender dark blue wildebeest with one blind eye & black stripes
Occupation "Prophet", leader of the wilderbeests (formerly), dictator
Goal To assend to the top of the food chain and become a carnivore
Home A volcano in Africa
Enemies Samson, Ryan, Benny, Bridget, Nigel, Larry, Blag, the wilderbeests
Minions Blag (formerly), The Wildebeests (formerly)
Likes Plush koala doll, his plans succeeded
Dislikes Blag screwing up his plans, his minions turning against him
Powers and abilities Snorts
Weapons His hooves
Fate Trips over by the koala doll, gets crushed by rocks and gets killed in a volcano eruption
Typical Saying "Bring us those LIONS!!!!!!!"

Kazar is the main antagonist of the 2006 CGI Disney film, The Wild. He was Blag and The Other Willdebeests' leader and boss until they betrayed him. He was also Scab & Scraw's leader and boss and Samson's arch-nemesis.

Role in the FilmEdit

Kazar snorts at Nigel after going into his lair. He says that he is a prophet and a leader, and with his help, a carnivore. Nigel tells him not to kill him, and that he had such a weird life. The wildebeests manipulated by Kazar in the past, say to their gods, "EVIL. EVIL. EVIL."

Kazar explains more of his terrible plans to Nigel. He tells him that he saw his brother killed by a lion. He says that wildebeests should be no longer at the bottom of the food chain. Nigel tells Kazar that he should say so. Kazar says hat he always believed in the Omen, one of his many gods. The wildebessts being him the ugly-looking koala doll that had saved him from lions years ago. He explains that prey should be predators. Nigel asks if he is the Great Him. Kazar says so. Then, two vultures named Scab & Scraw fly into the stratovolcano. Kazar tells them not to interrupt their talk. But the vultures say that they found a lion cub. Nigel says that there are two lions. So Kazar tells Blag and the others to bring them to him, but not screw things up, and tells Scab & Scraw to flee. Then, he tells the wildebeests to bring the two lions to him again, and give praise to their greatest god, the Great Him. Then, he tells Nigel that he should be their king.

Blag tells Kazar that he would be very pleased for what he brought him. Kazar kicks him off a cliff in his home. Blag tells everyone that he twisted a hoof. Kazar says to himself that they work and they brake their hearts.

Kazar shows Ryan, Bridget and Larry who the Great Him is: Nigel. All the wildebeests bow down to him. Nigel walks to them and tells them not to say anything. Kazar says that they prepare the feast, and the menu is Ryan, Bridget and Larry. He tells the wildebeests to prepare the meatfire. So Nigel has a distraction to save his friends. He says that they cannot cook them without onions. The wildebeests say "Onions! Onions! Onions!" Kazar says that they become rich. So, the wildebeests are about to push Nigel's friends into the lava lake of the stratovolcano, just below the crater. But Nigel prepares another distraction to save his friends. He says that the wildebeests should wear party hats. But Samson and Benny come into the composite cone to defeat evil Kazar and save his friends. Kazar is greatful that the other lion is there. His son Ryan roars, but weakly. Kazar laughs, but Samson fights him and knocks off one of his two long horns. Kazar tries to push him into the same lava lake where Ryan, Larry and Bridget were going to be pushed before, but Samson holds on. Nigel throws a rock at Kazar, saving Samson, and Samson continues to fight. Kazar pushes Samson against a boulder, but Ryan finds his true roar and jumps on him, causing Kazar to dance. Unfortuneately, he kicks Ryan at the jaw, and Ryan falls to the ground. Kazar is about to eat him, but Samson throws Kazar against the boulder with the koala head. Kazar tells Blag and the wildebeests to finish him off, but instead tell him that they are tired of pretending to be something that they're not, but they're most tired of him. Kazar tries to kill Samson again, but Samson also discovers his true roar, knocking out Kazar and triggering the eruption of the composite volcano. Blag tells Kazar that he always hated him, and calls him Hades. Kazar is left behind. He tries to kill all the rest of the animals, but he trips on the plush koala. The boulder with the koala head is about to crush his bones, but the stratovolcano tears itself apart in a ferocious eruption, causing Kazar to fly into the air and fall to his death.