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King Sombra
King Sombra
Background information
Feature films
Television programs My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Jim Miller
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Evil, mysterious, ruthless and cold-hearted
Appearance Green eyes with red cat-like irises, purple mist emmiting from eyes, sharp fangs, red cape, long bent smooth horn, black spikey mane and tail, metal crown, metal neck armour and metal horse shoes
Occupation Ensavilng ponies, ruling as a tyrant
Goal Get back the crown/throne and enslave the empire
Home The Crystal Empire (Originally)
Enemies Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Twilight Sparkle, Spike
Minions Crystal Ponies
Likes Enslaving the empire
Dislikes Love
Powers and abilities Dark Magic
Typical Saying "My crystal slaves..."

You want to fight monsters, little pony? I'll give you monsters!
~ Sombra after Twilight Sparkle hurt Radiant Hope, Siege of the Crystal Empire

King Sombra is an evil Umbrum unicorn who is one of the main antagonists in the series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He first appears as the sole antagonist in the Season 3 two-part premiere, "The Crystal Empire". He also appears as protangist of FIENDship is Magic #1 and serves as the the secondary antagonist in IDW's comic arc "Siege Of The Crystal Empire". A kind and heroic Sombra was shown to rule over a kingdom in the mirror universe during the story arc "Reflections", who was the lover of Princess Celestia.

He is a former tyrant ruler of the Crystal Empire who enslaved the Crystal Ponies and brought hatred and fear to the empire.

King Sombra is voiced by 'Big' Jim Miller, who is a storyboard arist and co-director of the series.


Sombra's conception was to grow up becoming the "king of the monsters", to rule the Umbra beings in Equestria in a dark and twisted kingdom.

In his childhood, Sombra was a sweet and kind foal and though he was often bullied and lacked friends, retained high spirits and a cheerful attitude. He eventually befriended the filly Radiant Hope and the two became extremely close friends. The two constantly played games together and spent almost all their time together. The two eventually went to see the Crystal Heart to see their futures. While Radiant Hope saw herself becoming a beautiful princess, Sombra saw himself becoming a dark monster. Sombra's high spirits began to melt away as he grew more and more depressed realizing his destiny was to become a monster, but kept that a secret from Radiant Hope. Eventually, Sombra grew ill and though Radiant Hope did her best to mend to Sombra, it never helped. Sombra grew bitter and angry, after confronting Princess Amora, the princess of the Cystal Empire, Sombra turned her into stone and shattered her in a fit of rage. Radiant Hope saw this act of violence and ran away, getting the attention of Princess Celestia and Luna in the process.

Sombra buried Amore's body all across the Arctic North before the two princesses of Equestria arrived. Sombra knew he was outmatched by the two, but still put up a fight. Sombra put a curse on the Crystal Empire, causing it to not only vanish in their air, but to somehow freeze it in time, causing the current residence to never age for 1,000 years.

Return Edit

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Sombra was well known for his cruel, tyrannical personality, but very few knew of his true nature. For under his dark exterior, there laid a sweet and innocent side that has since been corrupted by his deep suffering, loneliness and self-hatred. For over a thousand years, Sombra believed himself to be nothing more then a monster foretold by the Crystal Heart itself. In his youth, Sombra suffered from great pain, both mental and emotional. With his turmoil known by the royal family, yet purposely untreated, Sombra grew angry and bitter. He lashed out against Princess Amore, shattering her. Sombra would live the rest of his life performing evil acts, but gaining no pleasure from doing them. He simply believed he was fulfilling destiny destiny by being the monster he foresaw.

As a child, Sombra was very kind-hearted and sweet. He was best friends with Hope and loved her dearly. Hope truly loved Sombra, but Sombra didn't love himself. Hope knew of Sombra's suffering and tried everything in her power to help him, but it was never enough.

After his redemption, Sombra grew back into the kind-hearted pony he truly was and presumably started a life with Hope.


  • King Sombra is similar to the dark lord Sauron and the evil Sooty owl Surtr as they all are evil. King Sombra rules as a tyrant in the crystal empire, Sauron uses the One Ring to take over Middle-earth forever, and Surtr & the Pure Ones try to take over the owl kingdoms.