Kitten is a villain in the Teen Titans animated series, the daughter of Killer Moth, and the girlfriend of the mutant thief Fang.


Spoiled, bossy, and bratty, she is perhaps the only person her father ever knuckles under. Kitty is the typical spoiled teenage girl; all she wants is to be adored and lavished with attention. She'll do anything to be better than everyone else, including making them jealous. She succeeded in that goal by bringing Robin to her Junior Prom. Kitty is also very materialistic, finding Fang's array of jewelry a true sign of his love for her. She is also a sore loser eager for revenge on any who have 'wronged' her.


After her brief breakup with Fang she commanded her father to convince Robin to go on a date with Kitten. This makes Starfire very jealous. Kitten just did this just to make Fang jealous. After Robin broke up with Kitten, she threatened to unleash Killer Moth's minions and tried to kiss Robin. Starfire, now fed up with Kitten, fought each other and ruined Kitten's dress. Enraged, she unleashed the insect minions, but Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy prevented them from escaping. Starfire knocked the device out of Kitten's hand, and Robin smashed it, saying, "Consider yourself dumped.", thus defeating Kitten, and the insect minion turned into larvaes. Kitten was then arrested along with her father and her boyfriend, Fang, saying that she will get revenge on Robin and Starfire.

In the episode, "Calling All Titans", Kitten took her revenge against Starfire, snatching her communicator and telling Robin it's all over for him before she whipped Starfire and sent her moths after her. She wasn't seen in the final battle: she was probably sent back home.


Kitten has no superpowers, but she does have access to her father's inventions (such as a remote that summons his mutated moths) and uses them to great effect to obtain what she wants. She also may have at least some fighting skill, since she was able to hold her own against an enraged Starfire in hand-to-hand combat.

She can also wield a plasma whip.


There are multiple species of moths called "kitten moths" due to the soft fluff on their bodies, such as the Alder Kitten, the Sallow Kitten and the Poplar Kitten. Considering that Kitten is the daughter of Killer Moth, it is probable that she was named after those species.