Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear
Background information
Feature films Toy Story 3
Toy Story 4 (possibly)
Television programs
Video games Toy Story 3: The Video Game
Park attractions
Voice Ned Beatty
Performance model
Character information
Other names Lotso
Personality Cruel, manipulative, cold-hearted, sadistic, selfish, ungrateful, vicious, evil
Appearance Purple teddy bear
Occupation Leader of Sunnyside
Affiliations Good, later Bad
Home Sunnyside Daycare
Enemies Woody, Buzz, Hamm, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Jessie, Slinky Dog
Minions His gang. (Formerly).
Likes Abusing the other toys
Dislikes Children, the dump
Powers and abilities
Weapons Mallet
Fate Strapped in the front of a garbage truck
Typical Saying "Where's your kid now, sheriff?"

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, known more commonly as simply Lotso, is the main antagonist of Toy story 3. He is an extra soft teddy bear and the cruel ruler of Sunnyside Daycare. He is voiced by Ned Beatty.


Lotso was a Christmas present for a girl named Daisy. Lotso formed a special bond with Daisy, becoming her most favoured toy. One day, Daisy took Lotso, along with two other toys, Chuckles and Big Baby, with her parents for a picnic. After some playtime, Daisy fell asleep, and her parents drove off with her, accidentally forgetting the three toys. Desperate to reunite with Daisy, Lotso, along with Chuckles and Big Baby, travelled to Daisy's house, only to find out that Daisy had gotten a new Lotso teddy bear. Feeling betrayed, Lotso forced Big Baby and Chuckles to leave with him.

For some time, the three toys travelled, hitching a ride on a Pizza Planet Delivery Truck until the truck hit a bump, causing the three toys to fall onto the street. It was then the three found Sunnyside Daycare, prompting Lotso to take control over the other toys at the Daycare and rule the daycare with Big Baby as his primary enforcer. With Lotso in charge, new toys were placed in the Caterpillar Room to be tormented by the toddlers who arrived at the daycare, who were too young to properly play with the toys, while Lotso and his henchmen stationed themselves in the Butterfly Room, where the older kids played with them.

Role in the filmEdit

Lotso is introduced when Andy's toys arrive at Sunnyside, greeting them in an amiable manner. After giving the new toys a tour of Sunnyside, Lotso assigns them to the Caterpillar Room, knowing they will be abused by the younger children. However, Woody, the leader of Andy's toys, abandons the daycare and is taken in by Bonnie Anderson, who had previously taken Chuckles to her house as well. After the disastrous playtime with the younger children, Andy's toys ask Buzz Lightyear to request to Lotso that they be moved to the Butterfly Room. However, Lotso's minions, led by Ken Carson, capture Buzz and strap him into the Time-Out Chair and interrogate him. Lotso, however, arrives and puts a stop to this, and gives Buzz permission to be allowed in the Butterfly Room, but refuses to let Buzz's friends join him.

After Buzz refuses Lotso's offer, citing that Andy's toys are his family, Lotso orders Big Baby to be pinned in the Time-Out Chair once more, and calls the librarian, the Bookworm, to give him Buzz Lightyear's manual. Lotso then orders Buzz switched back to demo mode, resetting him to his original, delusional persona. Lotso convinces the reset Buzz that Andy's toys are minions of Emperor Zurg. Afterwards, Lotso and his minions arrive in the Caterpillar Room and have Andy's toys imprisoned by Buzz, punishing Mr. Potato Head by having him imprisoned in "The Box". Lotso also deceives Andy's toys into believing Woody is dead by handing them Woody's hat.

However, while Lotso sleeps, Woody returns to the daycare and formulates a plan to escape. After resetting Buzz into Spanish mode, the toys attempt to escape through a garbage chute. However, Lotso and his gang, who had beaten Chatter Telephone to get information out of him, corner Andy's toys. When the toys refuse to return to the daycare, Lotso orders them pushed into a dumpster. When Ken speaks out against this, Lotso angrily tosses him towards Andy's toys. Lotso claims that no children truly love their toys and prepares to leave, but Woody brings up Lotso's past with Daisy, having been informed earlier by Chuckles, and returns Daisy's pendant to Lotso. Enraged, Lotso destroys the pendant and derides toys as trash. Big Baby, angered, turns on Lotso and tosses him into the dumpster. However, as Andy's toys prepare to cross, Lotso grabs Woody and drags him into the dumpster just as the garbage truck arrives, forcing the other toys to remain to rescue Woody.

Lotso and Andy's toys are taken to a landfill, where they are pushed onto a conveyer belt leading to the shredders. Though Andy's toys get to safety, Lotso remains trapped. Despite Lotso's earlier actions, Woody and Buzz rescue Lotso from being shredded, to which he feigns gratitude. The conveyer belt then leads the toys to the incinerator. Lotso, seeing a ladder leading to a button that could stop the conveyer belt, is nudged up the ladder by Woody and Buzz. However, upon reaching safety, Lotso instead mocks the helpless toys and abandons them to die. However, the toys are rescued by being snatched up by a Claw commandeered by the Green Aliens.

As Lotso attempts to make his way out of the dump, a garbage truck pulls up near him, forcing him to go limp. The garbage man recognizes Lotso, as he once owned one as a child, and straps him to the grill of his garbage truck, along with several other toys. Lotso nearly panics at his predicament, but is forced to keep his mouth shut to avoid bugs and mud getting in his mouth. What happens to Lotso afterwards is uncertain, but he is most likely to remain trapped on the grill until he is thrown away.


  • Lotso is widely considered one of the most evil Pixar villains, along with Hopper, though some sympathize with him due to his past.
  • Lotso was originally going to appear in the first film, but was scrapped as the technology to create his fur didn't exist.