Lucy's Evil Twin is the main antagonist in the episode "The Bad Part Of The Dairy Products" from Sofia And Lucy. When Lucy nearly died from choking on a knife, she turned into a vegetable, so dairy cheese company men stole her for her to be the mascot of their cheese, and in a couple of days she got all better but not as her usual self she nows calls herself "Mr. Pie" and goes to a live mascot concert, when Lucy comes out of her evil twin and starts killing her. At the end Lucy decides to choke her evil twin to death and then she dies.

About Edit

Clothes: Yellow Poncho, Yellow dead spider on the back of the neck

Likes: Cheese, Taking Over Lives

Dislikes: Getting Taken Over

Defeat: Gets Choked To Death

Name: Mr Pie, Evil Twin, Other Lucy
Snapshot 1 (30-01-2016 10-22)