Madame Medusa was the chief antagonist of the original Rescuers movie and was an abusive woman who forced a young orphan girl named Penny to continually climb down into a pirate's cove to secure a large diamond known as the Devil's Eye - Penny had little choice but to do as Madame Medusa said as she was a captive, Madame Medusa having abducted her previously from the orphanage.

Madame Medusa was aided in her misdeeds by two fearsome "pet" crocodiles that while being tame were also brutes who enjoyed causing trouble - she also had aid from the bumbling Mr Snoops, who was happy to go along with Madame Medusa because of his own greed: the two would often bicker however and their partnership was not a stable one.

Unfortunately for Madame Medusa, who suffered from suriphobia (fear of mice) a pair of heroic mice from the Rescue Aid Society known as Miss Bianca and Bernard were called in to help Penny after her bottle with a note for help was picked up by a group of animals, who proceeded to relay the information to the Rescue Aid Society - which was designed by mice to aid children in need.

Miss Bianca and Bernard succeeded, despite their small size, in getting Penny to safety but are pursued by a crazed Madame Medusa as her main boat starts to sink due to Mr Snoops fireworks being set off in the escape, the chase ends with Madame Medusa being catapulted into a smoke stack where she clings as her two crocodiles snap at her from the water below.


  • Madame Medusa is not the only Rescuers villain to be left with the crocodiles - the villainous McLeach also ended up being attacked by crocodiles (though unlike Madame Medusa he was almost certainly killed)