Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of Foggy Bottom and the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon TV series: PAW Patrol. He is the rival of Mayor Goodway, coach of the Foggy Bottom Boomers and leader of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew.


Mayor Humdinger is a sneaky, concieted and cheating man. He thinks he is best at everything, as seen in the PAW Patrol episode Pup, Pup and Away, and tries to outdo everyone at everything (especially Mayor Goodway). He can be grumpy sometimes after losing, and argues a lot with Mayor Goodway. Every time he wins, Humdinger throws confetti from a purple and yellow Foggy Bottom Boomers box. He has a habit of curling his moustache like a villain and laughing maniacally. In Pups Save Friendship Day, Humdinger was making a balloon bouquet for Mayor Goodway, but he carried too many balloons, and floats up in the air. Since Goodway tried to save Humdinger, Humdinger promises he'll try to be a little nicer.


As mayor, Humdinger is a tall and stocky man who has brown eyes, light peachy skin, blonde thinning hair and curled moustache. He wears a blue top hat with a black band, a white dress shirt, a blue tailcoat, purple pants and brown tennis shoes. Humdinger's Foggy Bottom Boomers coach outfit is the same format as his normal outfit with the exception that he wears a purple tailcoat with yellow trims, a purple top hat with a yellow stripe, a yellow dress shirt, purple pants and black shoes. At the Mayor's Race, Humdinger wears a blue and yellow jumpsuit and wears yellow slippers. At the Mayor's Balloon Race, Humdinger only wears his brown goggles and he wears a white, gray and purple striped scarf around his neck. While going for a swim in Pups Save a Stinky Flower, Humdinger wears a yellow and blue striped tank-top over a light blue swimshirt with orange arm floaties and light blue swimming shoes. While creating a robot cat version of Katie's cat Cali, Humdinger wore a black top hat with a blue band, a white lab coat, and black gloves. In the PAW Patrol episode Pups Save a Flying Kitty, it is revealed that Humdinger wore purple and gray socks. His standard outfit resembles Rich Uncle Pennybags (the Monopoly man), and Humdinger looks similar to the statue of Mayor Goodway's great-great-great-great grandfather, Grover Goodway.