Marlon Carlton Lynch
Background information
Feature films Rango
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Ned Beatty
Performance model
Character information
Other names The Honorable Marlon Carlton Lynch, Tortoise John, The Mayor, Mr. Mayor
Personality Evil, sadistic, manipulative
Appearance A tortoise in a wheelchair, yellow eyes, white cowboy hat
Occupation Mayor of Dirt
Goal To destroy the peaceful town of Dirt and replace the Wild West with a modern-day city. (failed)
Home Dirt
Friends Rattlesnake Jake (formerly), Bad Bill
Enemies Rango, Beans, Rattlesnake Jake
Minions Rattlesnake Jake (formerly), Bad Bill
Likes Killing, making blood money
Dislikes Rango
Powers and abilities Shooting, golf, manipulation, trickery
Weapons Gun
Fate Gets dragged out of Dirt by Rattlesnake Jake and severely punished, punishment unknown, but possibly eaten alive
Typical Saying "Your father's ranch is nothing but a wasteland now. Sign the deed and relieve yourself of your father's burden."

Mayor Tortoise John (real name Marlon Carlton Lynch) is the hidden true main antagonist in Rango. He is the ruthless mayor of Dirt and is voiced by Ned Beatty, who also voiced Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3.

Role In The Film Edit

At the beginning of the film, Rango enters the mayor's office after unexpectingly killing the Hawk.

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