Marlon Carlton Lynch
Background information
Feature films Rango
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Ned Beatty
Performance model
Character information
Other names The Honorable Marlon Carlton Lynch, Tortoise John, The Mayor John, Mr. Mayor
Personality Fake personality : kind, just, caring, helpful, mysterious, protective, good.

Real personality : evil, manipulative, cold, ruthless, sadistic, treacherous, devious, selfish, greedy, egoistical, murderous, vengeful, wrathful, traitorous, cowardly, cunning.

Appearance Ugly tortoise in a wheelchair, yellow eyes, white cowboy hat
Occupation Mayor of Dirt, criminal
Goal Kill Rango and Beans,

kill Rattlesnake Jake, kill all citizens of Dirt, destroy the town of Dirt and replace it with new modern city under his control, become rich and powerful ( all failed ).

Home Dirt
Friends Rattlesnake Jake (formerly), Bad Bill
Enemies Rango, Beans, Rattlesnake Jake, Mr Merrimack, rest of citizens of Dirt, Hawk, Priscilla.
Minions Rattlesnake Jake (formerly), Bad Bill
Likes Killing, making blood money
Dislikes Rango
Powers and abilities Genius level intellect,

Master of manipulation, Big political power, Skilled leader, Skilled marksman.

Weapons Gun
Fate Dragged out of Dirt by Rattlesnake Jake to the desert to face the punishment, punishment unknown, but possibly eaten alive.
Typical Saying "Your father's ranch is nothing but a wasteland now. Sign the deed and relieve yourself of your father's burden".

"This is the future. You can become part of it or be left behind". "One last bullet to kill one last outlaw (laughs evily). How fitting". "Jake, no, nooo". - mayor last words before he was dragged by Rattlesnake Jake to face punishment.

Mayor Tortoise John (real name Marlon Carlton Lynch) is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon film Rango. He is the ruthless mayor of Dirt Town and is voiced by Ned Beatty.

Biography Edit

John first appeared in film when Rango defeated Hawk and Bad Bill. Mayor met with Rango in his office. He made Rango a new sheriff and allowed Rango to protect the town. John wasn't villainous at first sight, but he was already greedy, corrupt, untrustworthy and sinister mayor. But he was very kind towards Rango. John believed that Rango isn't a problem, he is solution. Later in the movie it is revealed that mayor is building a new modern town in the desert. He cut town's water supply by using emergency walve, which is connected to Las Vegas, and made all citizens believe that is actually a drought. He wanted to let the town die, drive out all citizens and create a place for his new plans. Tortoise John killed town's bank-keeper Johannes Merrimack III by drowning him. Later he ordered his henchmen to throw body of Mr. Merrimack into the desert. When Rango discovered plans of mayor, John hired a bounty hunter, Rattlesnake Jake to kill Rango. Rattlesnake Jake did it. He drove Rango away. But Rango returned and defeated Rattlesnake Jake. Rango won the duel, but John kidnapped Beans and made Rango surrender. He captured Rango and Beans and started to drown them in the town's water supply bottle. John thought that Rango and Beans are dead, and he betrayed Rattlesnake Jake. He sadistically pointed gun of Rango at Jake. He told him that he is a part of old New West, which he wants to destroy, and that they all are businessmen now and there is no place here for thugs. Mayor was ready to kill Jake, but when he pulled a trigger, he discovered that there isn't bullets in the gun. Rango took his only bullett with him and he used it to break the bottle and sent them all outside. Rango finally defeated the mayor and all his henchmen. Tortoise John was finally defeated and he tried to manipulate Rango and make him to join him. But Rango refused and angrily gave the mayor to Jake. After showing respect to Rango for saving his life, Jake captured John and told him words that mayor told to him "No one will believe you even existed". He dragged him out of town to the desert and, much probably, killed mayor once and for all.


At first it was thought that Tortoise John was kind, nice, just, protective, trustworthy, caring and good mayor, after he made Rango a sheriff as reward for killing the Hawk. But then it is revealed that he is actually evil, selfish, greedy, manipulative, murderous, sadistic, treacherous, cold, devious, traitorous and ruthless mayor.

Interesting factsEdit

He is based on Noah Cross (villain from Chinatown).

Despite being called Tortoise John, he is never referred by this name in the film. He is called only "Mayor".

Gallery Edit

Tortoise John begging for forgiveness