Rest well, my love. The monster who took you away from me will soon learn that revenge is a dish, best served cold'
~ Mr. Freeze
Mr.Freeze BTAS

Mr. Freeze is an antagonist and anti-hero in DC Animated Universe who was once a scientist trying to cure his wife but was shut down by corrupt businessman. He later got into an accident that made him unable to live outside of a sub zero environment. Mr. Freeze singlehandedly retconned his personality from a cookie cutter mad scientist to a deeply tragic villain. He was voiced by the late Michael Ansara.


Heart of IceEdit

Victor Fries was once a stoic scientist who didn't really feel any happiness until he met Nora who later became his wife. Nora later became infected with a terminal illness that was rare so Victor used equipment from Gothcorp, the company he works for. However, Ferris Boyle the CEO shuts it down since Victor didn't have his authorization. He was later kicked into a table filled with unknown chemical by Boyle and left for dead.

Victor became unable to survive in warm temperatures and dons a suit that met his temperature needs and call himself Mr. Freeze. He recruits a group of henchmen to avenge his wife by destroying Gothcorp property and eventually tries to kill Boyle. However, Batman foiled that attempt and Freeze was sent to Arkham while Boyle gets arrested.