Mr. Swackhammer is an evil alien propetier of a galactic amusement park called "Moron Mountain" and the true main antagonist of the 1996 live-action/animated film Space Jam. He is voiced by Danny DeVito who played Harry Wormwood in Matilda.

Role in Space JamEdit

Mr. Swackhammer is first seen when customers lost attraction, because he is losing money. So he comes up something nutty, wacky or looney, like the Looney Tunes. And he sends the Nerdlucks to capture them to attract customers and save Moron Mountain from foreclosure. After the Nerdlucks, who later become Monstars got challenged to a basketball game by the Looney Tunes, Swackhammer comes to Earth to watch the game. He and Michael Jordan strike a deal: If the Tunes win, the Monstars will have to give the NBA players their talent back. If the Monstars win, then Swackhammer will get Michael, by being a star attraction, sign autographs all day long, get chained, and he will always lose. Since the Looney Tunes won the game, Swackhammer scolds the Monstars for losing. When Michael asks the Monstars why do they take that kind of abuse from Swackhammer, they told Michael that they were afraid of their boss, and that he was bigger than they used to be. They turn against Swackhammer, strap him into a rocket and blast him to the moon.


Swackhammer is evil, greedy, manipulative and short-tempered. He is also cruel and abusive to the Nerdlucks.


Mr. Swackhammer is an obese green alien dog with dark green lips, sharp teeth, yellow eyes and purple pupils. And he wears a magenta suit, a pink shirt, and sandals.


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