Mum/Mom was a character from a youtube show called "Sofia And Lucy". She is a serial killer and an insane mother who lets her kids murder people she has never been arrested because victims are too scared to call the cops. In an episode "Only In Cowland" she killed her own husband after he decided to leave. Lucy her secondary child besides Sofia committed a murder of a postman which pleased her evil nature of murder.

Snapshot 1 (29-01-2016 22-10)

Villain Roles Edit

. "Love At First Death" - Kills Sofia's Boyfriend

. "Only In Cowland" - Kills Her Own Husband

. "How To Kill A Teacher" - Teaches her daughter about murder and murders a local man

. "The Day The Sun Crys" - Makes Her Kids Watch Horror Movies

. "The Big Wish" - congratulates her daughter on a murder

. "Sliding Softly" - Attempts To Kill Baby Junior For Him Being A Cop.

."Dead Slug" - Tries To Kill Sofia