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Nina Sharp

Nina Sharp
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Fringe (2008)
Video games
Park attractions
Actress Blair Brown
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Sarcastic-like
Appearance Short, ginger hair
Occupation C.E.O. of Massive Dynamics
Affiliations Massive Dynamics
Friends Walter Bishop

Peter Bishop

Olivia Dunham

William Bell

Enemies Olivia Dunham (Formley)
Minions Massive Dynamics employees
Likes Being in control, power
Dislikes Losing, being incorrect
Powers and abilities Dictator
Typical Saying

About Edit

Nina Sharp was the C.E.O. Of Massive Dynamics. She has a cybernetic arm, claiming it to be cancer but what actually happened was her arm got torn off when she was trying to stop Walter Bishop from going in the portal. Nina had a relationship with William Bell (Massive Dynamics Founder). Nina finished a degree in robotics in Harvard University, later becoming employed at Massive Dynamics. She soon meets up with Olivia Dunham in a slightly sarcastic way, becoming her enemy when Olivia said she will tell Peter Bishop that he is really from a parallel universe. Nina soon befriends Olivia when she realises she needs to work with them to help Peter's case.

Personality Edit

Nina shows a Sarcastic personality throught the series, she is very hard to befriend and has almost no sense of humor.

Notes Edit

  • Nina was originally designed to be the main antagonist of the series but later was changed to being an Anti Hero.
  • Nina shot herself in 2030 when a bunch of observers interogated her.
  • Nina was shot by two terrorist ZTF assasins.