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Perfect Peter is the hidden true main antagonist of Horrid Henry (Tv series) and books. Perfect Peter is Henry's younger brother, and enemy. He would try to get Henry into trouble to teach him a lesson. Perfect peter has a cat called fluffy. In the episode "Horrid Headmaster" he is the main antagonist

Villain Roles Edit

1."Perfect Peter's Horrid Day" (Tries to be horrid to get attention)

2."Horrid Henry's Perfect Day" (Tries to get Henry into trouble)

3."Horrid Henry, Horrid Headmaster" (Tries to ruin Henry's Prize as Headmaster)

4."Horrid Henry Takes The Biscuit" (Tricks Henry into eating something he does not like)

5."Horrid Henry Joins The Best Boy's Club" (Tricks Henry) (again)

6."Nothing But The Truth" (Decides to destroy Henry's Life, but fails)

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