Phango is the main antagonist in Khumba. He is a leopard born blind in one eye.

Role in the filmEdit

Phango is first seen smelling the scent of the trails. He hunted one of the Gemsboks and saw Khumba who is trying to close the fence. He runs to the gate, but was blocked by a twigs. He said that he can't keep them hidden from him forever, he can smell his fear, he could almost taste it. He threatens that Mkhulu will led the herd out if it doesn't rain soon and leave.

At night, Phango met Skalk and cornered him. Skalk stated that organic free range fresh meat, he said that his heart still beating fresh. Skalk said that zebra fresh may shocked Phango and he strangled Skalk until he said "half striped". As it was foretold, Phango knew there's something different about Khumba,